The Halal Guys

halal guys food cart

Meet the Company Taking The Halal Guys Global

Eater Magazine

A long line of people can be seen snaking up the sidewalk for platters heaped to the brim with fragrant food from the Halal Guys. So how does a concept go from a lone street cart to a chain that’s rapidly being replicated across the globe? The answer, of course, is franchising…

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Halal guys exterior

How The Halal Guys Built a Franchise Empire

QSR Magazine

The fast casual has become a franchise phenom with the backing of an iconic brand, dedicated fan base, and growing roster of passionate operators. Launched as a street-food cart in New York by Egyptian immigrants, The Halal Guys is now a booming U.S. franchise…

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halal guys tray of food

Cult favorite The Halal Guys opening soon in Fremont

The Mercury News

A cult favorite in New York City for more than 25 years, The Halal Guys have been spreading their addictive white sauce on beef gyros and chicken platters far and wide as part of a U.S. and global expansion. The new restaurant will open.…

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