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Franchise Development Company

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Franchise Business Questionnaire

Qualify for a discovery day with the brand you love.

For franchise candidates to be seriously considered at Discovery Day, applicants will be expected to fill out this business plan in its entirety.

  • What is your drive and motivation? What is your experience? What is your personality like?
  • See for our example of a Franchise Team Organizational Chart
  • Will you maintain your restaurant to near-new standards? Are you committed to hiring, developing and retaining a high quality team with a vested interest in your customers getting 100% experience, 100% of the time and for 100% of the volume?
  • What will you do to deliver this?
  • For example: Population, Diversity, Foot Traffic, Other Competition, Office Buildings, etc.
  • What people are on your team? Are you experiencing same store sales growth each year? Are you re-investing in your store's physical maintenance to maintain a near-new appearance? Do you feel successful?