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Franchise Development Company

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We Love Investing in Early-Stage Concepts!

We Are Smart, Strategic Investors

We invested early in Sweetgreen, CAVA, QDOBA, by Chloe, etc., and are always looking for emerging, early-stage brands to invest in.

Funding Requirements for Franinvest

  • Exceptional unit economics – at least 40% four-wall ROI
  • Brand has the potential to lead in its segment or sub-segment
  • Brand can grow to a few hundred locations for a meaningful liquidity event
  • Brand has a unique soul and DNA and is not a copycat concept
  • Coachable, visionary leadership using scorecard-driven, objective measurements
  • Management has a plan for the use and ROI of the capital
  • If already franchising must have happy, referencable and expanding franchisees

Requirements for Consideration

  • Fully completed Brand Analysis Form
  • P&L, cash flow, and balance sheets for most recent year two years for any location ever opened as well as G&A, cap tables, and must disclose any actual or potential liabiities
  • Detailed plan for use of capital including repayment of capital and returns

Equity funding will range from $250K up to $2.5M

For investments more than $2.5M, please contact Kitchen Fund for consideration. Learn more about Kitchen Fund.

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