We Love Investing in Early Stage Brands!

We Are Smart, Strategic Investors

We invested early in Sweetgreen, CAVA, QDOBA, by Chloe, etc., and are always looking for emerging, early stage brands to invest in.

Funding Requirements for Franinvest

  • Exceptional unit economics – at least 40% four-wall ROI
  • Brand has the potential to lead in its segment or sub-segment
  • Brand can grow to a few hundred locations for a meaningful liquidity event
  • Brand has a unique soul and DNA and is not a copycat concept
  • Coachable, visionary leadership using scorecard-driven, objective measurements
  • Management has a plan for the use and ROI of the capital
  • If already franchising must have happy, referencable and expanding franchisees

Requirements for Consideration

  • Fully completed Brand Analysis Form
  • P&L, cash flow, and balance sheets for most recent year two years for any location ever opened as well as G&A, cap tables, and must disclose any actual or potential liabiities
  • Detailed plan for use of capital including repayment of capital and returns
Equity funding will range from $250K up to $2.5M
For investments more than $2.5M, please contact Kitchen Fund for consideration. Learn more about Kitchen Fund.
“Young, early stage brands who have the right combination of unique branding, strong positioning and exceptional food get distracted when they are cash strapped, and operations inevitably suffers. I can only imagine how much faster even our most successful brands could have grown if they had easier access to growth capital in the very early days.”
Founder Dan Rowe, who grew the franchise program for Five Guys Burgers & Fries

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