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Channel Partner Program

Brokers, Consultants, RE Agents, Operation MG, Franchise Owners

Our Experience

Welcome to the Channel Partner Program! We have sold over 5,000 franchises around the world and launched franchising for 5 Guys Burgers, QDOBA Mexican, The Halal Guys, etc., specialize in growing the best emerging franchise concepts into successful international brands through high-quality single, multi-unit and master franchising and we help franchisees grow into large franchise businesses they could sell for a life-changing amount. Our portfolio is always expanding with more highly successful franchises and many of our existing franchisees keep buying new brands through Fransmart. Our brands have high ROI, high sales per foot, great food costs, great labor costs, and great ROI so franchisees want to keep opening new franchises.

Working With Us

We love working with brokers and lead referral agents! We know exactly what you go through and we know how to get your qualified franchise leads closed as quickly as possible and get you paid as quickly as possible. The Channel Partner Program is designed to work with brokers/consultants to supply you with the most vetted portfolio of emerging brands, with expert coaching and guidance to present to your clients.

We also work with franchise owners, real estate agents, and operational managers who can use their contacts to promote our brands and gain large commisions. We are franchise salespeople (brokers just like you), we appreciate your ambition and we know how to sell and close deals.

Moving Forward

We are paying high commissions and either our CEO or one of our top franchise sales professionals will be working every one of your leads to make sure they close quickly and make sure your prospects are happy and referenceable!

Pre-Qualify/Territory Check

Contact the Channel Partner Program Coordinator, Peter Hall, for more information and applications. (703) 531-8157.

Earn big commissions for any referral of yours that we close.

You bring us a qualified lead, We WILL close the deal.

Earn more with multi-unit deals and repeat clients/referrals.

25 successful years of closing the deal.


Fill out the the Pre-Qualify/Territory Check form.


Exploratory call with our brand expert.


Our Sales rep will work with you and your client.


Discover Day/Sign Contracts.


You Get Paid!