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When Fransmart CEO Dan Rowe first tried the explosive flavors of The Halal Guys’ original food cart on a busy street corner in New York City, he knew immediately that the brand could be the next huge international franchise.


Dan Rowe saw the vision right away. He wondered, “There are more than a billion Muslims living throughout the world. Why isn’t there isn’t a food brand devoted to cooking the flavors they love?” Once Rowe formed a partnership with Halal Guys founders Abdelbaset Elsayed, Mohamed Abouelenein, and Ahmed Elsaka, an international franchise was born.


The Halal Guys has become the #1 most searched eatery on Yelp in New York City and the #3 most searched in the United States. The quick service brand known for international flavors and its world-famous white sauce has grown to over 100 existing locations – with more than 400 in development worldwide. Outside of the United States, the brand has locations in Canada, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Malaysia, and South Korea.


Here’s why franchisees all over the world are rushing to secure their Halal Guys territory:


  • The menu is unique and authentic, with no major competitors in the fast casual Halal space. It’s extremely rare that an international franchise opportunity has so little competition in their category.
  • THG has built a system focused on franchisee support, including real estate assistance, training & operational support, and a supply chain that’s already designed to run coast to coast and internationally.
  • The brand has a robust national marketing strategy, including sponsorships of college basketball tournaments, the Disc Golf Pro Tour, and other high-visibility events that puts the attention of a nationwide audience on your brand.

The Halal Guys are seeking franchisees for the few territories that remain in the US and the many international franchise opportunities that remain. The opportunity to build your future with a brand that has international appeal doesn’t come around often – don’t miss out.

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