Best Indian Restaurant Franchises To Own For 2022

An Indian cuisine restaurant franchise is a business model that follows a  franchising model, but with unique tweaks for the Indian cuisine market. It offers low-cost, fast startups for budding entrepreneurs who wish to become owners of their own business serving Indian cuisine. This niche segment helps franchisees build a quick and robust brand presence in their respective cities like L.A., New York, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, Las Vegas, and all major cities in 50 States of the U.S.

The USA has the most extensive base of Indian immigrants in the world. Indian restaurants are counted among the best of all the restaurant businesses in the United States. The craze for Indian restaurants is increasing day by day, fueled by foodies excited to try innovative dishes.

An Indian restaurant franchise is ideal for anyone who likes the efficiency of fast food paired with the deliciousness of Indian spiced dishes usually found at full-service restaurants. New Indian fast-casual franchises are incredibly appealing to aspiring entrepreneurs because they have lower costs, reduced staffing requirements, and deliver high profits per square foot.

Fast-casual dining has exploded in recent years, with Indian fast-casual dining expected to grow by 13 per cent over the next four years. Apart from all the other advantages of franchising, Indian franchises meet increasing customer demand for Indian curries and other popular dishes like butter chicken and tikka masala.

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Fransmart’s Most Profitable Indian Franchises In 2022

Hi, I’m Dan Rowe from Fransmart. When it comes to starting a franchise in the U.S. that meets your standards, we can provide the details you need and the guidance you deserve to make it a reality.

While restaurants have struggled during the pandemic, certain emerging franchises will grow immensely in 2022. These innovative brands, many of which are represented by Fransmart, are succeeding where others are failing due to technology, culture and smarter kitchen design.

From Indian street food to world-famous butter chicken, Fransmart represents two Indian franchises that have climbed to the top of the food chain by offering something that customers can’t get enough of. Whether it’s Rumali roti or Pani puri, people want something new and exciting, but with classic authentic taste. Butter Chicken Company and Curry Up Now are delivering in spades.

#1 Butter Chicken Company

Asad Sheikh, the founder of Butter Chicken Company, realized that most people at traditional Indian restaurants order one of two dishes; butter chicken or tikka masala. He decided to give them what they want, creating a fast-casual concept centred on those two dishes and a few sides. With all meals cooked in an off-site kitchen and a small menu, operations are streamlined. On-site cooks simply add the appropriate spices and herbs to the food before scooping it onto customer plates from stunning copper bowls made in India specifically for Butter Chicken Company.

  • Butter Chicken Company Franchise Start Up Cost: $392,000 – $1,671,500
  • Butter Chicken Company Franchise fees: $35,000
  • Butter Chicken Company Franchise Owner Income: Contact to read complete FDD
  • Butter Chicken Company Franchise Owner Requirement: Own a franchise if you want to build a multi-unit business built around high standards of food quality, customer service, and cleanliness. Minimum 5 to 10 unit franchise businesses.

#2 Curry Up Now

Curry Up Now is a San Francisco-based fast-casual restaurant that serves authentic Indian food, with a fusion twist. Dishes like naughty naan, Indian burritos and tacos and other street snacks make Indian food more accessible for the American market. Better yet, no Indian-trained chef is needed and franchisees can opt to have a hip, speakeasy-style bar in their location.

Founder Akash Kapoor cares for the community by giving back to schools, churches, and organizations that support education, children, and the elderly. Curry Up Now’s a once in lifetime franchise opportunity with a mission to bring happiness to the world through food!

  • Curry Up Now Start-Up Cost: $392,000 – $1,671,500
  • Curry Up Now Franchise fees: $35,000
  • Curry Up Now Franchise Owner Income: Contact to read complete FDD
  • Curry Up Franchise Owner Requirement: Own a franchise if you want to build a multi-unit business built around high standards of food quality, customer service, and cleanliness. Minimum 5 to 10 unit franchise businesses.


Fast-casual franchise opportunities are often more affordable than other types of franchising concepts. The benefits of starting a fast-casual franchise are numerous. While the initial startup costs and franchise fees can be moderate, fast casuals can be profitable by focusing on one menu and high-quality products.

Starting a fast-casual franchise can bring the stability of working within a proven brand system while also offering the opportunity to own your own business. In addition to financial benefits, the work/life balance of franchisees is typically high compared to other entrepreneurial endeavours.

Whether you want to invest in a healthy menu Greek franchise, a fast-developing profitable sandwich franchise, franchise opportunity as a Cashpoint, or an award-winning franchise with low risk and capital, Fransmart can pair you with the right concept for your individual goals, skills, experience, and current lifestyle. We’ll also guide you through the financing opportunities available for military veterans, women, or regular franchise buyers, to make sure you have enough cash on hand to start.

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