Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying a Franchise

It can take countless sleepless nights when you are deciding about starting a business. The saying, “it doesn’t take overnight,” […]

It can take countless sleepless nights when you are deciding about starting a business. The saying, “it doesn’t take overnight,” holds in the field of entrepreneurship. You might even find yourself doing extensive research, asking those you know who are running a business or even attending talks and discussions about kicking off any affairs. 


Several people will come across the concept of franchising when they do their research. However, it is an exciting opportunity when people make decisions as they usually weigh the pros and cons before coming up with a conclusion.  


This article will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of franchising before you embark on this venture.  


First, let us explore the advantages of franchising.  


You can choose a franchise from several industries. 


Since no experience is required to purchase a franchise, you can explore many industries, even those you do not have prior experience with. However, you don’t have to worry a lot since franchise brands provide support and training to help you understand the company’s existing business model.  


Another helpful thing is that you can save yourself from the tiring trial and error process of handling a startup business since the brand is established. When you consider a franchise, you can access years of proven knowledge and processes, increasing your chance of succeeding.  


You are guaranteed lower risks. 


If you dig deeper into the business models of franchises, they are a suitable and secure form of investment because they have already established their name and brand in the market. Their history of success over the years proves how the business has been tested over time in several market periods.  


You won’t have a hard time introducing your brand to your customers. 


Since the brand is already known and recognized by customers, you skip the part of finding your first customers—which is indeed one of the most complex parts with startups. When you consider a franchise, you are buying its branding and marketing strategies. There is already a loyal customer base, too, and this increases your profitability.  


You will be introduced to suppliers. 


As you become part of the whole system, you are introduced to suppliers, which means you get materials or ingredients at a lesser cost. This is known as the franchisor’s collective buying power. With years of strengthened relationships, you get to enjoy what the franchisor enjoys as well.  


You get support all the way. 



Franchisees get supported most of the time by selecting appropriate business locations, finalizing the design, ongoing construction, financial and loan concerns, training programs, and even hiring staff to work with you in your business.  


Now, let us dig into the disadvantages of franchising.  


You may encounter high prices. 


You have to be open that most franchises with big names may require a higher initial investment than others. If you want to stick to a particular budget, take the time to research which franchises you can afford, considering the money you are willing to spend.  


You are required to follow their brand.  


This means that you can’t be highly creative with your marketing campaigns since you have to stick to your chosen franchise brand. There can be restrictions on your products and the suppliers you interact with and do business with only these exclusive companies.  




Franchising contracts can be terminated.   



There is an end date indicated to each contract, and if the franchisors do not wish to renew, you cannot do anything for some people; this is a disadvantage. Keep in mind  franchising contract is not permanent.  


Every business venture has its challenges. Like any other opportunity, you have to make sure you do the needed research and talk your options to people you think have the appropriate experience. Nonetheless, a franchise community is collaborative and supportive. It will help you from the start and will look after you during your operations.