Franchising is a great way to get started in your own business, but you also want the security and reliability of a franchisee. While it is well-known that franchisees have a higher success rate than start-ups, this does not mean that starting a franchise business is without risk. Therefore, the key is to get to know both the positive and negative sides and act accordingly. This knowledge has proven to be a formula for success.

We have the answers to your questions about opening a franchise, including the advantages and disadvantages to consider. So, follow suit!

Advantages of Franchising

Well-known name

It is not an easy task to build a brand. The work is done when you sign up for a franchise. Your customers know you by name and know what to expect.

Regular support and mentorship

One of the most significant advantages of purchasing a franchise is the ongoing training and support that you get from the franchisor. You will always have someone to call if you have any questions or problems.


You are getting years of experience from the franchisor in building their brand and systems. You don’t necessarily have the experience of going through the same process of finding out what works.

Building and expanding your network

You can rely on the franchisor, but buying a franchise gives you access also to other franchisees like you. That way, you have more people to contact for whatever you need, thus expanding your network.

Enhanced purchasing

A brand name behind you will allow you to take advantage of the collective buying power and buy inventory and equipment from other franchises.

Franchising Cons

Costs of launching a start-up

The startup costs of a franchise vary depending on its system. Many franchise owners need financing to buy and operate their businesses.

Ongoing fees that you should pay additionally

Many franchisors require that franchisees pay an ongoing royalty and advertising fee. While you may benefit from the marketing and support provided by franchisors, you will still owe a portion of your profits to them.

Need of signing a contract

You sign a contract when you purchase a franchise. This agreement locks you in for a set period. It can be anywhere from five to twenty years. It can be costly and difficult to break a franchise agreement.

Lack of autonomy

Franchising may not be suitable for you if you like to move to your drum beat. A franchise system will require you to follow the franchisor’s instructions and make business decisions at the local level.

Should You Buy a Franchise?

It’s up to you to decide and answer this question- This is because everyone is unique in their talents, abilities, financial situation, and other factors. So, consider all of the points above carefully before deciding if franchising is right for you. You might also find it helpful to read about the characteristics that make a franchise a success.

Fransmart has many franchise options available if you decide that a franchise is right and go for it.

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