Choosing the correct city to open your business in is fundamental to starting your business on the right foot. Continuously ranked among America’s “Best places to start a business,” Houston is the right place for entrepreneurs to establish and grow.

With its regional economy, exponential growth rate, and easy tax policies Houston is second only to New York in providing the most favorable environment for businesses.

Owning a franchise is a great way to avoid the inherent risks of starting your own business. You’ll have a proven system and brand that already has an established customer base, and you won’t have to do all of the heavy lifting. The convenience of franchising also allows you to own your own business without the added risks of starting a company from scratch.

Franchise in Houston: Overview

Texas is one of the top states for starting a business in the United States, and Houston is home to some of America’s most successful franchises and companies including McDonald’s, Subway, and Domino.

While these brands are well known, they have saturated the market, and it isn’t easy for investors to make money with them anymore. The main reasons you should not buy a mature franchise brand are:

  • There are no profitable territories left.
  • You have to spend much more to own these brands and the returns are lower.
  • You do not provide anything new to the customer continuously looking for “new.”

Best Franchise Opportunities For Sale In Houston:

When you think of investing in a franchise in Houston, consider the various costs associated with it. Many emerging franchises can give you a much higher return on investment. Some of the award-winning and financially rewarding franchises for sale are:

Rise: Perfect for work/life balance

Rise, America’s hottest franchise is a fresh restaurant concept that revolutionizes how people think about dining. By bringing together high-quality ingredients with contactless kiosk, ordering, and food locker technology, Rise customers enjoy a safe, seamless experience, while franchise owners are reaping strong sales and profits.

  • Rise serves breakfast and lunch and is an excellent option for becoming a franchise owner who wants work/life balance.
  • They have unique management and franchising development strategy where the franchisor does all the hard work for the franchisee and then hands them a profitable business with little cost.

Total Investment for Rise

Initial Investment:$420,500 – $598,500 (3 restaurants)

Franchise fee: $35,000

Franchise Owner Income: Click here to know how much a Rise franchise owner can make.

Curry Up Now: Hottest Selling Indian Franchise opportunity in Houston

This fast-growing Indian fast-casual chain is known for its vegetarian and vegan Indian recipes and unique fusion menu. Curry Up Now and its fun menu items like Naughty Naan and Indian burritos are making a big splash in the fast casual market. Even though there are many Indian restaurants in Houston, Curry Up Now has an innovative spin in its cuisine and operating technique, making it more profitable than others.

Buying a Curry Up Now franchise, is the best opportunity to tap into the thriving ethnic cuisine market. With their upbeat vibe, Instragamable food items and fantastic taste they instantly create loyal customers.

By using a co-packaging company, a trained Indian chef is not necessary.

Total Investment for Curry Up Now Franchise

Initial Investment: $392,000 – $1,671,500 (multi-unit)

Franchise fee: $35,000

Franchise Owner Income:

Click here to know how much Curry Up Now franchise owners can make.

Taffer’s Tavern: Full-Service Restaurant Franchise Opportunity 

The newest, most innovative full-service restaurant franchise concept is now available in Houston. Taffer’s Tavern is a chain from bar and restaurant celebrity, Jon Taffer, who has meticulously created an upscale gastro pub menu, an eye-catching ambiance, and a  technology-driven process. In Houston, where tech has always attracted people, the restaurant with a robotic kitchen, vacuum-sealed food, and the data-driven menu is a promising opportunity for the new franchise owners.

The existing happy franchise owner of Taffer’s Tavern enjoys high profitability by saving costs because of simplified cooking techniques and minimum food preparation time.

Total Investment for Taffer’s Tavern Franchise

Initial Investment: $1,183,000 to $2,203,000 (5 Units)

Franchise fee: $50,000

Franchise Owner Income: click here to know how much Taffer’s Tavern franchise owners can make.

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop:  Fast Casual Franchise Opportunity that is Tech Forward

After the pandemic, proper sanitization and taking extra precautions while preparing or serving food has become the utmost priority of every fast-casual restaurant. Brooklyn Dumpling Shop has developed a technology that is touchless and contact-free. They installed an automated kiosk that can efficiently prepare hot and fresh dumpling on request and serve it.

Even after using such an advanced system, the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop franchise is not expensive and gives better ROI to its franchise buyers.

The Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is an award-winning concept that is growing rapidly throughout the country. It is a 24-hour serving business that serves its customers using an automatic concept. The brand also sells frozen Brooklyn Dumplings to many big-box retailers across the country to increase brand awareness and revenue streams.

Total Investment for Brooklyn Dumpling Shop Franchise

Initial Investment: $348,500 – $663,000 (multi-unit)

Franchise fee: $40,000

Franchise Owner Income: click here to know how much Brooklyn Dumpling Shop franchise owners can make.

PayMore: Fastest Growing Used and New Electronics and Gaming Store

The PayMore franchise is a recession-proof business that capitalizes on the fact that everyone uses a host of electronics today. It’s a great franchise opportunity for tech lovers to marry their passion with a career.

This is a very unexplored niche in the franchise industry with top territories like Houston and other tech-focused markets still available. With people more open to used devices, and looking for an outlet to sell their old electronics, PayMore has seen increased profits.

Total Investment for PayMore Franchise

Initial Investment: $184,050 – $299,950 (multi-unit)

Franchise fee: $30,000

Franchise Owner Income:

With Adjusted Operating Income – $288,311*

Gross Sales— $2,334,054.72

Adjusted Operating Income For A Franchise Store— $272,602.30


I’m Dan Rowe. As an expert in the franchising industry, I understand the pain points of new franchise buyers, which start with finding the right brand for investment. The old and once-popular brands do not provide lucrative business opportunities for investors.

If you are looking for the right kind of franchising opportunity for Houston, contact us. Fransmart has experience developing more than 5000 franchises around the world and working knowledge of more than 100 franchise brands. Our mission is to guide you in your franchising journey. We will also tell you why you should not buy particular franchises.

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