Franchise Development Services

We help our brands develop practical franchise development expansion plans with measurable results.

Management Advisory

One of the biggest transitions to go through in creating a successful franchise is transforming from an entrepreneur into a company. As a franchisor, you must think of everything from food quality to getting your franchisees financed. Fransmart’s franchise services provide advice on building best-in-class franchisor management teams.

Franchise Program Development

As part of our franchise services, Fransmart will advise on best practices for structuring a franchise opportunity, including fee and royalty determinations, and formats available, such as single-unit, multi-unit or master franchises.

Franchise Sales

The Fransmart development team facilitates communication with franchise candidates from initial contact to the signing of franchise agreements, and all steps in between, including material distribution, preliminary qualification, initial real estate analysis, and Discovery Days. The Fransmart development team utilizes a proprietary, multi-step methodology to help our franchisees get qualified, understand the franchise business model and streamline communication between the franchisor and the prospective franchisee. Our development directors come from a vast array of backgrounds, including franchise ownership, restaurant operations, real estate, technology, and small business ownership, giving them a relevant perspective to answer questions from franchise candidates.

Development of an Ideal Franchisee Profile

Fransmart has connected hundreds of high quality, qualified franchisees with our portfolio brands. Typical Fransmart franchise candidates include area and master developers, experienced chain operators and high net-worth individuals. Fransmart works with our brands to identify essential characteristics of target franchisees, such as financial qualifiers, business experience, personality and commitment to delivering on the brand mission.

Franchise Lead Generation & Marketing

Fransmart’s in-house marketing team assists with franchise branding, new franchisee recruitment and lead generation for our portfolio brands. We have developed proprietary marketing methodologies designed to attract qualified franchise candidates. Franchise marketing services range from the creation of e-Brochures to Discovery Day presentations, to tactical lead generation advertising, internet marketing and e-mail campaigns, search engine optimization and marketing, and social media. We interface with our brands’ marketing teams and their consumer marketing or PR agencies to ensure our messaging is consistent.

Compliance and Legal

Our value to our clients is based upon trust, confidence and integrity. Fransmart will interface with your legal team, offering advisory services on the creation of Franchise Disclosure Documents, franchise filings and registrations, franchise agreements, and dispute resolution.

Franchise Operations: Fransmart provides advice on hiring, developing and retaining high quality teams with a vested interest in delivering 100% on customer experience, 100% of the time and in 100% of the volumes.

Geographic Growth Strategy

Fransmart helps our brands decide upon a geographic growth strategy. Fransmart offers strategic advisory on concept demand in select markets, adaptability of brand to international markets, target demographics, supply line concerns, and real estate opportunities.

Unit Economics

Plain and simple: Franchise businesses must be profitable. Fransmart’s provides strategic advice to our franchisor brands on best practices for improving unit level profitability and improving prime costs such as food, paper and labor.

Franchise Systems

Good systems are complete, easy to understand, easy to teach, and they hold people accountable. Most of all, they ensure consistency and predictability. It all comes down to systems. You’d better have a system, or a franchisee will invent his or her own!

Fransmart has worked with some of the top brands in the industry and developed an unparalleled perspective on best practices to achieve franchise success.

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