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Our portfolio of brands with leading concepts ripe for expansion. Our brands have best-in-class unit economics and a large runway for growth.

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Want To Learn More About Franchising? Learn From The Experts At Fransmart. There’s no better collection of franchise resources and experts.


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Our portfolio of brands with leading concepts ripe for expansion. Our brands have best-in-class unit economics and a large runway for growth.

Discover Why a Long-Term Little Caesars Franchisee Incorporated Retail into His Portfolio with This Booming Electronics Franchise

Feb 6, 2024

Faizan and Adila Kahn photo on a grey background and white text and purple button that says GLO30

Wes Swaney, a 36 year resident of southern Utah, started out in the restaurant industry at only 15 years old. His grandfather owned diners in Oklahoma and Orange California. The food service industry has been in Wes’ blood and has been fully immersed in the nuances of restaurants and the overall business landscape. As his career unfolded, Wes climbed the ranks, securing various management positions within the restaurant industry. Eventually, he found a home at Little Caesars, where he has dedicated an impressive 35 years.


Little Caesars and Beyond

He has been involved as an Owner or operator in dozens of Little Caesars locations across 7 states. Wes Swaney became a stalwart figure in the franchise. Beyond his achievements within the Little Caesars brand, Wes never ceased to diversify his investments. As a co-owner of a popular Asian concept restaurant and the proprietor of multiple local businesses in Utah, Wes has a strong entrepreneurial knack.

Wes’ contributions to Little Caesars extended beyond operations. He has served as  a member of one of Little Caesar’s advisory committees since 2018. Throughout his tenure, his leadership has helped earned himself and his organization multiple awards from Little Caesars, including the Be A Hero award, and others including architectural and operational achievements. Despite his significant accomplishments, Wes remained on the lookout for the next big opportunity to enhance his business portfolio.


Enter PayMore: An Ultimate Value Brand

PayMore employee handing customer cash for purchase

PayMore, the perfect addition to Wes Swaney’s entrepreneurial journey. Reflecting on his extensive experience with Little Caesars, Wes emphasized the importance of providing value to customers. According to him, PayMore is an ultimate value brand, with a clear focus on creating value through its operating system. “Little Caesars taught me a fundamental truth: people need and desire value. When I discovered PayMore, it became abundantly clear that it is an ultimate value brand,” Swaney explained. “Value never dies, and PayMore has seamlessly woven value into their entire operating system.”

In Wes’s view, PayMore stands out in a saturated franchising world, boasting a proprietary model that serves as a barrier to entry for potential competitors. He highlighted the brand’s commitment to value and quality, emphasizing the significance of convenience and quality in today’s market.


Versatility and Accessibility of PayMore

Comparing PayMore to his extensive experience with Little Caesars, Wes noted the brand’s versatility. Just as Little Caesars offers accessible solutions with feeding many families and people in general, PayMore serves as a solution for individuals facing financial constraints, providing affordable options for both buying and selling electronics. “Just as showing up with a Little Caesars pizza makes you a hero by feeding people in unpredictable situations, Little Caesars being accessible – the same principle applies to PayMore. PayMore is a solution. Not everyone has $1,000 for the latest technology; some struggle to make ends meet. PayMore becomes a haven for a mom looking to affordably acquire her child a new phone, gaming system, or devise.  Simultaneously, another real-life example, it provides another mom a safe environment to sell old electronics, receiving cash right on the spot to support her family.”

Happy customer and employee at PayMore counter


Simplicity and Flexibility of PayMore’s Business Model

Wes underlined the simplicity and value of PayMore’s business model, praising its limited hours and straightforward operations. For a seasoned business owner like Wes, the flexibility and ease of running a PayMore store were key factors in his decision to invest. “Having the hours they have is a huge value add to any business owner. At most, it’s a 9am-6pm shift – no prep, no kitchen cleanup, just turn on the lights and you’re ready.” Said Swaney.

In addressing the current challenges in the restaurant industry, Wes pointed out the difficulty in finding reliable personnel. He contrasted this with the advantages of PayMore’s limited hours, making it an attractive prospect for business owners seeking a more manageable work schedule. “I know that the worst-case scenario, if all my employees called out sick, I can go in and run a PayMore store by myself if I really needed to. You can’t say that about every concept,” he emphasized.


Nostalgia and Connection at PayMore

Wes also highlighted the unique sense of nostalgia that PayMore brings to both employees and customers. The opportunity to encounter and engage with old electronics from one’s past adds a special element to the workplace and shopping experience, creating a connection that sets PayMore apart.

Shelves full of electronics at PayMore store

Affordability and Low Startup Costs

Addressing the financial aspect, he highlighted the surprisingly low startup costs. Having spent his entire career in the restaurant industry, he was astonished to discover that with PayMore, he could initiate his first location with an investment of around $134,250 to $257,500.


Building Generational Wealth

Driven by a desire to build a generational future for his extensive family, Wes saw PayMore as an ideal concept. With its focus on technology, a timeless industry, and a recession-resistant business model, PayMore aligns with Wes’s vision of securing a prosperous future for his 4 sons, one daughter, their spouses and soon to be 8 grandchildren.

Wes Swaney, being a family man, sought a concept that not only resonated with the evergreen nature of technology but also provided a platform for continued growth. PayMore’s unique supply chain, directly sourced from consumers, allows the business to stay relevant without having to chase industry trends, solidifying its recession-resistant nature. “PayMore stood out to me. Technology will never go out of style, and with PayMore’s business model, they don’t have to stay up on the trends since they receive their supply chain directly from the consumer – the consumer will do that for them. It truly is a recession-resistant concept.”


Conclusion: A Thoughtful Entrepreneur

In conclusion, the interview with Wes Swaney not only revealed an impressive career and entrepreneurial background but also showcased his genuine care for the people around him. Wes emerged as one of the most thoughtful individuals, driven by a profound concern for those he works with and the companies he represents. His success is not only a testament to his professional acumen but also to the genuine care and consideration he extends to others. “Being in business is not just about profits, it’s about the people. Caring for your team and the community is what makes a business truly successful.” Said Swaney.


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