In 2022 the restaurant industry is poised to be close to a trillion-dollar industry, but the pandemic has changed and challenged restaurants. It’s caused a shift in consumer habits, created chaos with supply chains and seen its labor pool contract and demand better pay and benefits. While this new normal offers opportunity, it also brings new challenges for franchisors and franchisees. With over two decades of experience, Fransmart is helping to power restaurants post pandemic.

As the leading franchise development firm for emerging brands, Fransmart has always been ahead of the trends in the industry. Using this visionary mindset, Fransmart is helping franchisors and franchisees navigate and thrive in 2022 and beyond.

To power restaurants post-pandemic, Fransmart offers franchisors and franchisees a host of help to ensure their brands are set up for success.

Franchise Program Development

For restaurants looking to grow from one or several locations into a major brand, Fransmart can help create an attractive franchise program. We advise on the best practices for structuring a franchise opportunity, including fee and royalty determinations, and formats available, such as single-unit, multi-unit or master franchises. We also help develop strong systems and create a sensible growth strategy.

Management Advising

Running a single unit or even several unit restaurant is far different than operating a franchised brand. Fransmart helps franchisors transition from solo entrepreneur into a company. As a franchisor, you must think of everything from having a nationwide supply chain to getting your franchisees financed. Having helped multitudes of companies transition over two decades, Fransmart has the experience needed to help a new brand start franchising and to help them build their own best in class management teams.

Connecting Great People and Great Brands

Fransmart has a wide database of high-quality qualified franchisees looking for the best brands to align with.  Typical Fransmart franchise candidates include area and master developers, experienced chain operators and high net-worth individuals. Fransmart helps facilitate franchisors in finding the best franchisees, and franchisees find the best brands to work with.

Marketing and Lead Generation

In addition to the marketing and advertising each franchisor does, Fransmart has a dedicated marketing team working to build brand awareness for each brand in our portfolio. We continuously keep the media updated with relevant local and national news for our brands, as well as market brands through strategic email marketing, digital campaigns and content marketing to develop qualified franchise leads.

Technology Forward

The brands that Fransmart partners with are using technology to let everyone work smarter, not harder.

The technology available today allows restaurants to do everything from automat the kitchen to eliminate the need for cashiers and everything in between. The pandemic increased the need for restaurants to offer online ordering and delivery to meet consumer demand and that hasn’t declined post pandemic.

Using technology is helping restaurants like Rise Southern Biscuits & Righteous Chicken, Brooklyn Dumpling Shop and Taffer’s Tavern, all of which went all in on technology, cut down on the labor needed and the full commercial kitchen of the past. This in turn helps them stay resilient and profitable in the current conditions. By being familiar with all of the latest technologies applicable to the restaurant industry, Fransmart is able to advise franchisors on the ones that can make the biggest impact to their bottom line.

Whether you’re a restaurant owner looking to grow your business through franchising, or a franchisee looking for a vetted emerging brand tailored for today’s market, Fransmart’s commitment to powering the restaurant industry post-pandemic can help you reach your goals.

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