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classic diner staples turned into dumplings
with never-ending options to choose from
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The NYC restauranteur and founder Stratis Morfogen took his family’s legacy trade, the New York diner, and reinvented it as this winning combination, classic diner dishes in delectable dumpling form! A 24 hour, contactless, automat dumpling franchise that spins the QSR industry on it’s head.

The Automat

Stratis Morfogen Brooklyn Dumpling Shop

Stratis Morfogen
CEO, Founder
Brooklyn Dumpling Shop

Our Story

You can soon sink your teeth into owning your own Brooklyn Dumpling Shop, after the highly anticipated concept opens in Spring 2021!

Stratis Morfogen is an established restaurateur who has handcrafted 32 delicious flavors of dumplings to be served in a 24hour automat. The entire concept will be touchless and contactless keeping customers and staff safe while being able to deliver consistent hot and fresh food. It’s the first dumpling franchise to go completely touch-free.

Utilizing the once common Automat allows the brand to keep customers and employees safe by eliminating a point of contact but also regulate the temperature of each locker ensuring food stays piping hot or drinks perfectly chilled. Customers will receive a unique code on their phone which opens only their lockers. This ensures the correct food is taken every time and makes it fast and easy for third party delivery services.  Customers will be able to order online or at self sanitizing kiosks in store.

This revolutionary concept will shake the QSR industry as plans to open 500 units in the next 5 years are underway. Brooklyn Dumpling Shop hopes to be in every train station, airport, strip mall, and shopping center in the top mass media markets both nationally and world wide.

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