Top Franchise Opportunities in Dallas

If you are an entrepreneur looking for business opportunities in Dallas, Texas, consider buying one of our top-rated franchises. These franchise opportunities in Dallas are more profitable and make a safer investment option than starting a business from scratch.

Texas has continuously earned its position as the very best in the country for small businesses, with Dallas getting an A+ grade. The ease with which you can start a franchise here has been unmatched. The state’s licensing policies, tax benefits, zoning, global accessibility, and a sizable talented workforce have favoured its business landscape, with microbusinesses contributing to 90 per cent of its business sector.

But, building a profitable business in Dallas requires more than just a friendly operating environment. Like in any other city, franchise opportunities in Dallas will take a fair amount of research and feasibility analysis. At Fransmart, we are committed to guiding you in your franchising journey and providing you with unbiased information needed to start your franchise business.

Hi, Dan Rowe here. As an expert in the franchising industry, I understand the pain points of new franchise investors. The famous brands like McDonald’s and Domino’s are no longer the safe heavens for franchising they used to be because:

  1. Most of these famous brand’s territories are already overcrowding the lucrative business locations of the city.
  2. The investment that these “bigger” brands require is much higher, and compared to it, the ROI is too low.
  3. While Dallas is booming with “new” restaurant openings, the famous old brands no longer excite the customers like they used to.

Profitable Franchise Opportunities in Dallas for Entrepreneurs:

Franchising is an easy way to own a business. Buying a franchise gives you a proven business opportunity that considerably reduces the hard work and risk of opening a business independently.

In our 5000 plus franchise setup experience, we have found the top emerging concepts that require lower investments to start and yield greater returns. The best-emerging franchise opportunities in Dallas are:

1. Taffer’s Tavern: A full-service casual restaurant with a full bar.

Top Franchise Opportunities in Dallas

  • Initial Investment: $1,183,000 to $2,203,000 (5 Units)
  • Franchise fee: $50,000

Franchise Owner Income: click here to know how much Taffer’s Tavern franchise owners can make.

Started by Jon Taffer, the “Bar Rescue” star and an award-winning hospitality expert, the Taffer’s Tavern franchise is an innovative concept designed for efficiency.

Why buy Taffer’s Tavern franchise?

  • It works on minimum staff.
  • The robotic kitchen, vacuum-sealed food, and data-driven decision-making make Taffer’s Tavern a franchise for tomorrow.
  • It has significantly higher beverage sales than a typical casual restaurant.

2. Rise: A fast-casual Southern chicken and biscuit dine-in and take-out breakfast, brunch, and lunch restaurant.

Top Franchise Opportunities in Dallas

  • Initial Investment: $420,500 – $598,500 (3 restaurants)
  • Franchise fee: $35,000

Franchise Owner Income: click here to know how much a Rise franchise owner can make.

Named one of “America’s Hottest Startup Fast Casuals’ in QSR’s 40/40 list for 2021, Rise franchise is a business that franchisees are proud to own.

Why buy a Rise franchise?

  • It has a proven automated business model that works using contactless kiosk ordering and food locker technology, providing streamlined operations.
  • They have cracked the code to lower the cost and increase the profit for all franchise owners. One of the cost-effective franchise opportunities in Dallas.
  • Rise locations operate from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm, which will give you a healthier work-life balance.

3. Curry Up Now: A fast-casual restaurant serving Indian cuisine with a twist.

Top Franchise Opportunities in Dallas

  • Initial Investment: $392,000 – $1,671,500 (multi unit)
  • Franchise fee: $35,000

Franchise Owner Income: click here to know how much Curry Up Now franchise owners can make.

Curry Up Now is the most prominent and fastest-growing Indian fast-casual chain dominating the segment with high volumes and a simple operational model. It is of the best franchise opportunities in Dallas.

Why buy a Curry Up Now franchise?

  • Serving Indian food will earn you big bucks. It is a growing trend, with billions of people eating Indian food every day.
  • Its menu contains delicious vegetarian and vegan options that further increase your business.
  • A streamlined menu with co-packaged food means you don’t need to hire an Indian trained chef.

4. Brooklyn Dumpling Shop: A fast-casual restaurant serving 32 deliciously flavoured dumplings.

Top Franchise Opportunities in Dallas

  • Initial Investment: $348,500 – $663,000 (multi- unit)
  • Franchise fee: $40,000

Franchise Owner Income: click here to know how much Brooklyn Dumpling Shop franchise owners can make.

Named one of “America’s Hottest Startup Fast Casuals’ in the QSRs 40/40 list for 2021, Brooklyn Dumpling shops are a tech-forward and industry-changing franchise.

Why take a Brooklyn Dumpling Shop franchise? Because:

  • It serves 24-hours a day which means you are in business around the clock.
  • Its unique automat concept is revolutionary in the food industry. Providing a contactless method of ordering and delivery.
  • The availability of frozen Brooklyn Dumpling Shop dumplings in nationwide stores has made the dumplings famous.

5. PayMore: An electronics sales and trade-ins store.

Top Franchise Opportunities in Dallas

  • Initial Investment: $184,050 – $299,950 (multi unit)
  • Franchise fee: $30,000

Franchise Owner Income: click here to know how much PayMore franchise owners can make.

A non-food franchise that sees high volume in its store, PayMore solves the problem of old and broken electronics piling up in landfills profitably. That’s why this is best selling and most profitable franchise opportunity in Dallas.

Why buy a Pay-More franchise?

  • Electronic sales stores have high customer retention rates, low overheads, and high margins.
  • The franchise combines multiple revenue streams: e-commerce, consumer electronics, and second-hand retail for more significant volumes and high profitability. One of the best options for any new entrepreneur to opt for this franchise opportunity in Dallas.
  • It’s a recession-proof business.


These upcoming franchise opportunities in Dallas are a much better investment option for your time and money, yielding a better ROI than a mature franchise brand. For more information and to learn about more such franchises, contact us now.

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