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The Halal Guys is a quick service restaurant (QSR) with modest beginnings which can be traced back to the streets of New York City. In 1990, the small business was founded by three Egyptian immigrants who were passionate about sharing American Halal food with the local community. The business’s single hot dog cart quickly expanded to multiple carts that operated around-the-clock to meet demand.

Today, The Halal Guys is the fastest-growing American Halal restaurant franchise in the world with locations across North America, Europe, and Asia. This popular Halal franchise is currently offering multi-unit franchisees the opportunity to tap into the profound success of this established brand. If you invest in this QSR franchise, you can take advantage of several exciting benefits. What are these benefits?

  1. The Halal Guys Is a Recognized Brand.

The Halal Guys has built-in brand recognition. Compared to starting a new restaurant from the ground up and trying to generate trust and interest in your brand, your new venture will benefit from immediate recognition from a large pool of customers who already know and love your menu items. Brand recognition can help your restaurant to overcome many challenges that other new restaurants may face, such as drawing customers in and building a loyal customer base.

  1. You Are Not Recreating the Wheel.

Even with the best efforts to research and plan a new venture before the launch, there are still many uncertainties and a steep learning curve. For example, you may need to adjust marketing messages, menu items, and branding to discover what works for you. Franchisees of this quick service restaurant, however, have immediate access to a successful menu, trusted suppliers, proven branding and more. Ultimately, investing in this Halal franchise is less risky than launching a new business from scratch because of these benefits.

  1. Help Is Easily Accessible.

Starting any type of new business understandably comes with a steep learning curve. By investing in The Halal Guys franchise, you will have easy access to the full support that you need to move forward on a successful path. This includes a developed business plan that many other franchisees have successfully followed. It also includes professional training and support from your fellow franchisees.

  1. Rapid Expansion Is Possible.

The Halal Guys franchisees are encouraged to establish a territory with at least five QSR franchise locations. Because of the full support offered through the franchise and the ability to follow a proven model for launching and running a business, rapid expansion is possible and expected. Plus, you will have an exclusive territory and will not have to compete with other The Halal Guys franchisees within your territory.

  1. You Will Have Easier Access to Funding.

Franchisees must have least $1 million in liquid assets in order to be approved for a The Halal Guys franchise, but you understandably want to keep much of your cash liquid. Applying for financing to launch your The Halal Guys franchise is a natural step for many franchisees. When you start a new restaurant from the ground up, however, you may struggle find affordable financing terms. Because a franchise is an established brand with turn-key launch and established operational processes, many lenders are more comfortable lending to franchisees.

  1. You Can Tap into the Perks Available to Big Companies.

Some of your new restaurant’s leading competitors will be owned by major corporations with deep pockets and established brands. Your new franchise will have access to group discounts, service contracts, and other benefits that may otherwise give much larger and established businesses an edge over your new restaurant.

Are you eager to learn more about running your own The Halal Guys franchise? By contacting the team at Fransmart today, you can get all of your questions answered. Due to the overwhelming proven success of The Halal Guys, franchise units and territory availability is limited. Get in touch with us today and learn more about the benefits of being a successful franchisee.

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