At Fransmart we believe one of the main reasons to become a franchisee is to become wealthy and enjoy the freedom that comes with being financially independent. The way to do this through franchising is as a multi-unit operator.

Multi-unit operators look for concepts that have low start-up costs, high returns and are operationally easy to run and easy to scale. If you’re looking to get into franchising, it’s important to plan for multi-unit ownership from the start, and if you’re already an operator looking to expand it’s key to find a complimentary brand to grow with. These three emerging franchise brands should be on every multi-unit operators target list.


Wish you had jumped on The Five Guys franchise early? Well now you can join nomoo, the franchise called “the plant-based Five Guys.”

With plant-based food a $29.4 billion industry, and 71% of consumers interested in ordering meatless and dairy free dishes at a restaurant, the future of fast casual is plant-based, and nomoo is poised to lead the category with its innovative and delicious menu offering and a long runway for growth.

With low startup costs, easy operations and an incredible Item 19, nomoo offers multi-unit operators all the ingredients for success.

“nomoo was born from the idea that fast-food favorites can be 100% plant-based without sacrificing flavor. I’m intent on pioneering the shift toward better-for-you fast food by growing nomoo to thousands of locations across the U.S.,” said founder George Montagu Brown, a serial entrepreneur with eight successful businesses behind him.

Duff’s CakeMix

If you’re tired of the challenges in the restaurant industry today, but you love hospitality, Duff’s CakeMix is the solution. Created by Food Network star Duff Goldman, Duff’s CakeMix is where hospitality and experiential retail meet.

The DIY cake studio gives everyone the chance to be an Ace of Cakes, offering the chance to decorate a cake using one of a hundred designs created by Goldman. The atmosphere in the studio exudes fun, creativity and community.

For franchisees, Duff’s CakeMix offers a simple concept to operate with no baking done on site, and no commercial kitchen or baker needed. The brand has an extremely strong supply chain, low startup costs and is conversion friendly. Add to that the marketing power of Duff, and multi-unit operators are poised for sweet success.

Savannah Seafood Shack

With many consumers focused on eating healthy, seafood is having a moment and Savannah Seafood Shack is the franchise shaking up the category.

According to Fransmart CEO Dan Rowe, Savannah Seafood Shack has the best unit economics he’s seen in a decade. That fact alone is hooking multi-unit operators on the brand. Add in easy operations and the fastest ticket times in the industry and it’s clear franchisees are reeling in a winner.

Savannah Seafood Shack is a cult foodie favorite featured on The Travel Channel, Cooking Channel and in numerous publications for pioneering the single serve Low Country boil and for bringing a full-service seafood restaurant experience to a more affordable fast casual environment.

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