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Franchise marketing is always a primary concern for potential franchisees. Whether you’re new to the franchise game or an experienced entrepreneur looking to diversify your portfolio, figuring out how to generate attention and make some noise with a new concept can be a challenge.


Enter the celeb-backed franchise brands making marketing dreams come true.  Investing in a franchise concept led by a celebrity chef opens doors that lesser-known brands can’t kick down. Press releases get picked up more frequently. Media appearances by your celeb backed founder become mini-advertisements for your brand. Most importantly, a built-in fanbase will be more receptive to the concept and probably your best brand advocates for driving trial and frequency.


At Fransmart, we partner with category-leading brands with the secret sauce that makes them attractive to both entrepreneurs and consumers alike. Whether it’s implementing cutting-edge technology to improve the customer experience, creating concepts that generate massive dollars in small square footage, or offering unique tastes and products that haven’t been perfected before, Fransmart brands are paving the way for modern franchises.


The following three Fransmart brands have an extra advantage – they’re all led by experienced, creative celebrity chefs that generate buzz and tap into their multi-million fan following to make some noise about their brand’s offering.


  • Taffer’s Tavern – The Paramount+ smash hit Bar Rescue made Jon Taffer a staple of mainstream media, but Jon’s 30+ years of bar, restaurant, and entertainment experience is what inspired Jon to design the brand. Taffer’s Tavern offers the back-of-house ease of operation of a Quick Service Restaurant, with the revenue of a Full Service Restaurant. Combined with Jon’s ability to generate headlines and his massive network of fans, Taffer’s Tavern is a dream investment for franchisees.
  • JARS by Fabio Viviani – After stealing America’s hearts on his two seasons of Top Chef, Fabio Viviani has become a media darling and built a restaurant empire that spans from coast to coast. His restaurant experience led him to create JARS – a dessert concept that Fransmart CEO Dan Rowe said is the easiest concept to run that he’s ever seen in franchising. There’s a reason JARS had deals for 30 locations before opening their doors – Fabio is a walking media machine and franchisees reap the benefits.
  • Duff’s CakeMix – If you’ve ever had a slice of cake in your life, you probably know Duff Goldman. He’s America’s favorite baker and an ideal franchise partner. A frequent podcast guest, TV host, and interview subject, his opportunities to tout the benefits of Duff’s CakeMix are limitless. And there are plenty of benefits – no in-house baking or expensive kitchen equipment, multiple revenue streams, low labor requirements, and a unique concept. Being on Duff’s team is an easy path to franchise wealth.

Don’t waste your time with franchise brands that don’t generate noise in a crowded market. These brands have built-in systems to ensure that your franchise marketing game is strong (and star-studded).



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