Interior of Schmackary's NYC store.

We all know that there’s one cookie franchise that’s been dominating the scene for the last few years. But there’s a new player in the cookie franchise game… and its star power and incredible unit economics are strong enough to make the other cookies crumble.


That’s right… Schmackary’s, the official cookie of Broadway, is the first to complete with Crumbl’s numbers. Since announcing its franchise opportunity in May 2023, Schmackary’s has become one of the nation’s most in-demand franchises with incredible interest from experienced franchisees and longtime fans of the brand. The 10-year-old brand has continued generating top-tier media interest with their proven business model – from franchise trades to local outlets to the biggest outlets in the world. Everyone’s talking about Schmackary’s.


Why? Because Schmackary’s is the only cookie franchise that’s fueled by star power – from its loyal network of celebrity fans and the doting Broadway community and every tourist and local who’s fallen in love with the brand, to the brand’s Midwestern founder with a passion for customer service and delicious hand-crafted cookies.


For potential owners/operators, the real star of the show is revenue. Here’s a deeper look at the star-studded lineup and A-list advantages powering the success of the cookie franchise that should be at the top of your investment call sheet:

Schmackary’s is the undisputed sweet treat of choice for the massive and international Broadway community. A longtime partner of the biggest productions in the world, Schmackary’s has cultivated brand awareness that usually isn’t accessible to franchisees. They’re constantly garnering national media coverage and attention from celebrities with massive networks – meaning franchisees benefit from marketing benefits that no other cookie franchise can offer. 

There’s a lot that makes Schmackary’s special – and all of it is thanks to founder Zachary Schmahl. A native of Nebraska who made it his mission to bring a Midwestern charm and sensibility to his cookie franchise, Zachary has built a business that fans flock to at all times of day to enjoy themselves comfortably. And now, he’s built a franchise program that treats franchisees like family – complete with extensive online training resources, guidance on developing a strong catering presence, and guidance through the opening process. Thanks to Zach, Schmackary’s is ready to add some members to the family. 

Table comparing financial information of Schmackary's and Crumbl.

Crumbl is the undisputed king of national cookie franchises – until now. They’ve been king because no other brand has been able to compete with their numbers. But Schmackary’s is that opportunity anyone who missed out on Crumbl has been looking for. Not only did the Schmackary’s flagship location in Hell’s Kitchen do more in gross sales than the average Crumbl last year, they did it in only 750 square feet. You don’t need to have a big footprint to generate huge revenue with Schmackary’s. You won’t find higher unit sales or better sales per square foot number in another cookie franchise.


Schmackary’s is currently seeking potential franchisees passionate about bringing the next big thing in desserts to their hometown. You can stop searching now – own the cookie franchise with charm and numbers that won’t crumble. 

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