Everyone has heard the phrase, “Work Smarter, not harder,” but how can you realistically do that, especially as a business owner?

While entrepreneurs have to pour their blood, sweat, tears and time to start their business, a franchise owner is already ahead of the game with a proven business ready to run. And if a franchisee does her research and selects a brand with great systems and easy operations, she’s found the secret to the smartest way to own a business. Here are a few of our favorite franchises with simple operations that let an owner work smarter, not harder.

JARS by Fabio Viviani

Celebrity chef and restaurateur Fabio Viviani has worked in restaurants since he was 11 years old. He’s seen the good, the bad and the ugly of restaurant operations and specifically engineered his latest franchise concept, JARS, to eliminate the headaches of a traditional restaurant.

JARS is a dessert franchise that reimagines classic dessert favorites like tiramisu, pecan pie, strawberry shortcake and more as highly Instagramable, single-serve desserts served in a jar. While the desserts look and taste over-the-top, there is no baking done onsite, meaning franchisees have no need for a commercial kitchen or expensive pastry chef. With a low labor matrix and streamlined supply chain, JARS is tailor made to work smarter, not harder.

Taffer’s Tavern

A full-service restaurant is not normally a business you’d expect that would be easy to run, but Taffer’s Tavern is rewriting the rules about what a FSR can be.

Created by Bar Rescue TV star Jon Taffer, it’s no surprise that he engineered a concept to address all the pain points and problems he’s encountered in his years hosting the show and his four decades in the hospitality industry. Taffer’s Tavern introduces the “Kitchen of the Future,” which uses the latest technology to improve operational efficiency up to 60%. The kitchen requires no hood and venting, instead cooking by sous vide. With the fastest ticket time in full-service, Taffer’s Tavern can increase its covers, while using less labor than a traditional restaurant.

Duff’s CakeMix

Duff’s CakeMix offers franchisees the chance to be in hospitality without owning a traditional restaurant. The DIY cake decorating studio is the hottest new experiential retail franchise. Created by the world’s most famous cake baker, Duff Goldman, Duff’s CakeMix gives guests the chance to be their own Ace of Cakes, and franchisees the opportunity to own one of the simplest franchises to operate available.

There is no onsite baking and no need for a kitchen. Duff’s proprietary cakes are made by a CIA trained chef, flash frozen for freshness and distributed by an international co-packer. The franchise offers a dialed-in supply chain, and extremely strong network of vendor partners that make all aspects of the business easier for the franchisee. Additionally, a robust training program ensures that franchisees hit the ground armed for success.

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop from restaurateur Stratis Morfogen disrupted the QSR industry when it launched in 2021. The brand is all about technology, bringing back a modernized version of the Automat, offering online and kiosk ordering and payment and slashing the labor needed to run a restaurant. With no or limited on-premise dining, small footprint locations, and a staff of 2-3 employees per shift, managing a Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is one of the easiest operations in fast-casual dining.


For franchisees looking for a business not in the restaurant or hospitality industry, PayMore is the ideal choice. PayMore is the leader in the buy, sell and trade electronics retail market. The brand streamlines operations for its franchisees through its proprietary POS system which gives a franchisee real time pricing information, ensures items are not stolen and makes sure the franchisee is in compliance with all local laws. This robust technology lowers labor needs and makes it simple to train new employees quickly and efficiently.

If you’re ready to work smarter rather than harder, contact Fransmart today.

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