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Successful Franchisee Michael Schaufler found his purpose after enjoying a 28 year career in finance. When he was ready for a change, he turned to franchising. After researching and weighing his options, Michael chose to franchise with Golden Heart Senior Care.

“I was in finance for my entire career, “said Schaufler. “I feel like I’ve got a good handle on [what makes a successful business]. With Golden Heart Senior Care, we went from zero to very close to a seven figure run rate in the course of 14 months.”

The choice wasn’t purely financial. Yes, Michael wanted a franchise that brought him a good return for his investment that he could grow and eventually sell, but he also wanted a feel good business. He wanted a new career with purpose.

Clients and families love Golden Heart because it has a small, local business feel. People love the independently owned and operated personal touch. Clients get to know the franchisee and caregivers and feel like they are an extension of their family. It’s that relationship building aspect of Golden Heart that differentiates them from other in-home care companies and attracted Schaufler to franchise with the company.

“I can have a personal relationship with every one of my caregivers,” said Schaufler. “I consider them to be family. That’s one reason they tend to be sticky with Golden Heart. They stay with us because we treat them well.

“I’ve heard a client say, ‘I’m indebted to you because you saved my mother’s life’ that feedback we get is invaluable. When I think back on my day, running my business, it feels good to have made a difference.”

Golden Heart Senior Care’s most successful franchisee candidates, like Michael Schaufler, are self-confident, passionate, and driven. The ability to push yourself and do things that aren’t always comfortable are necessary to your success.

Even though he had those qualities, there is one thing Michael says other successful franchisees should do that says would have jump started his success.

“If I had it to do all over again, I’d have been more successful, faster if I had followed more of the advice of Golden [Kennedy, Director of Operations] and Craig [Bass, President and Owner],” said Schaufler.

Michael has quickly grown his successful Golden Heart Senior Care franchise in Walnut Creek, CA due to hard work, diligence, and, of course, a passion for giving back in the community.

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