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Our portfolio of brands with leading concepts ripe for expansion. Our brands have best-in-class unit economics and a large runway for growth.

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Want To Learn More About Franchising? Learn From The Experts At Fransmart. There’s no better collection of franchise resources and experts.


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See All Franchise Opportunities

Our portfolio of brands with leading concepts ripe for expansion. Our brands have best-in-class unit economics and a large runway for growth.

Papa John’s Franchisees Sign Multi-unit Deal with GLO30

Nov 7, 2023

Glo30 storefront with door open

Large Papa Johns Franchisees Sign Multi-unit Deal with GLO30 Skincare To Diversify Outside of QSR

Fransmart is the global leader in franchise development, and the exclusive franchising partner for GLO30 Skincare.

PHOENIX, AZ (November 7, 2023) GLO30, the doctor-founded subscription-based skincare studio, announced a multi-unit franchise agreement with Philip Horn and Donald Bauer for Phoenix, Arizona. Philip and Donald are seasoned QSR franchisees that have built an impressive legacy of brand development and expansion with brands like Papa Johns, QDOBA Mexican Grill, Jersey Mike’s, Huey Magoo’s Chicken Tenders and Chop5 Salad Kitchen. They are now setting their sights on growing another emerging brand, GLO30.

“I’ve seen these guys turn rising stars into industry heavyweights, so their move into GLO30 is a strong statement. GLO30’s approach is simple and scalable. It’s no wonder they’re seeing the goldmine here. They’re riding the wave of seasoned franchisees seeking simplicity restaurants can’t offer.” Dan Rowe, CEO of Fransmart, who’s known Philip and Don for years.

“We were just very excited to diversify into something that’s not in the food business. We’ve looked for something for a long time, then Dan Rowe introduced us to GLO30, and we were able to take a look at the brand in Washington” said Donald. “We were very impressed with Dr. Arleen Lamba. We think the whole concept is fantastic and we’re very excited to get started in Phoenix.”

Donald and Philip began working together in 1995 as Donald, a former Domino’s pizza franchisee overseeing five stores, joined forces with Philip, who was seeking assistance in managing his five Papa Johns restaurants. Together, they grew their Papa Johns units to over 60 restaurants and have ventured into various culinary territories since.

Interested in owning a franchise? Get GLO30 franchise info & FDD or apply to become a franchisee.

What the new GLO30 franchisees have to say

“We were early in Papa Johns, we were early in Jersey Mike’s, and we are early in Huey Magoo’s, so we’ve been a part of a number of emerging brands and have been able to watch them grow. We’re excited to do that again with GLO30” said Philip Horn. GLO30 is their first venture outside of the food industry and follows a trend of successful diversification, sparked by their desire to find a simpler, more efficient franchise model.

“We’ve followed Planet Fitness and Orange Theory as they got into this subscription business, which is very intriguing if you build out your customer base. The scheduling is easy, the operations are easy, you know what’s coming” said Philip. “In the restaurant business, you know a rainstorm or a football game, there are so many variables that can change our business in a minute. We really like the simplicity and the consistency of the GLO30 model.”

Dr. Arleen Lamba, Founder of GLO30, commented on this exciting development, saying, “Attracting high-profile franchisees like Philip and Don, who have a remarkable track record of nurturing emerging brands, is a testament to how GLO30’s unique stands out in a saturated market. We are thrilled to extend our footprint to the vibrant city of Phoenix, Arizona, marking our expansion out west.”

GLO30 has remained a trailblazing leader in the skincare services space since 2012 as they were one of the first to design a monthly, subscription-based membership model offering personalized facials. Their innovation has continued over the last decade to include their proprietary AI, GLOria. GLOria is the industry’s first AI technology used to customize treatments and give product recommendations in real-time, while leading members to what the brand calls the ‘GLO Zone’ of skin health.

GLO30 partnered with Fransmart in January 2023, and are already seeing a 550% increase in units sold since their first franchise deal in May. This latest agreement in Arizona marks the brand’s first expansion out West, and joins Texas, North Carolina, Florida, Maryland, and Virginia.

GLO30 is targeting the top 50 MSAs in North America for franchise growth with an emphasis on areas with high foot traffic and a thriving community. With a model that can thrive in urban, suburban, corporate and even tourist areas, GLO30 is designed to be as adaptable and efficient as possible to scale across the country.

To see why GLO30 will reach 1,000 units in 10 years, prospective franchisees can visit fransmart.com/glo30

About GLO30

Founded in 2012 by Dr. Arleen Lamba, GLO30 is a membership-based skincare franchise. Their focus is on providing personalized routine treatments, medical-grade products and high-tech, high-touch guidance – every 30 days. GLO30 has defined a new category in the skincare services space, bridging the gap between luxurious day spas and more invasive medical clinics and med spas. The service-based skincare franchise is an affordable, accessible and approachable middle ground that delivers customized care in an hour or less – every 30 days. Trained specialists and propriety technology consistently deliver treatments tailored to the unique skin needs and goals of every member. GLO30 currently operates five corporate locations, including occupying an elusive spot in Amazon’s HQ2. 

About Fransmart

Fransmart is the global leader in franchise development selling over 5,000 franchises worldwide. We’ve focused on turning emerging restaurant concepts into national and global brands for 20 years. Company Founder Dan Rowe identified and grew brands including Five Guys Burgers & Fries, QDOBA Mexican Grill and The Halal Guys, starting from 1–5-unit businesses to the powerhouse chains they are today. Fransmart’s current and past franchise development portfolio brands have opened thousands of restaurants globally. Fransmart and their partner brands are committed to franchise development growth.

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