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Successful entrepreneurs recognize the importance of jumping into a lucrative opportunity when conditions are ripe. As you explore exciting investment opportunities available today, you should not overlook the endless possibilities available through owning a restaurant franchise. At Fransmart, we have been helping our clients achieve their financial independence goals for more than two decades. Through our experience selling more than 5,000 franchises around the world, we understand the importance of choosing the right time and the right location to open a new restaurant. Due to perfect mix of market and economic conditions present today, now is the ideal time for you to move forward with your restaurant franchise plans.


Premium Real Estate Opportunities

The unfortunate reality is that many restaurants have closed their doors recently because of the lockdowns and other issues related to the pandemic. In doing so, these businesses have vacated prime locations that are ideal for a new franchise to move in. The pandemic has transformed the landlord’s real estate market, that has been in place for years, into a tenant’s market. Many of these prime properties have been vacant for months already, and property owners are eager to give you a great deal.


As a restaurant franchisee you have the opportunity to minimize one of your larger expenses – rent. By negotiating and signing a lease today with the current conditions in place, you could enjoy a great rental rate for the next several years or other additional benefits.


Competitive Interest Rates

Do you intend to buy a commercial space rather than lease it? Do you need to take out a business loan to buy your franchise and to get the restaurant established? Interest rates have been competitive for years, but you cannot expect them to remain this low indefinitely. Currently, lenders are searching for qualified individuals or businesses to extend loans to. Open one of our proven profitable franchises and you may qualify for lower loan terms. Interest rates can adjust quickly at any time. Because of this, it makes sense to seize the moment by locking in a great interest rate on a real estate or business loan today.


Strong Demand

The strain of the pandemic has lowered the number of restaurants available to consumers. However, the interest in dining out and the demand for a great restaurant experience remains. In fact, many people who have been cooped up at home for many long months are dreaming about dining out again. With vaccinations underway, dining out activities are expected to pick up substantially in the near future as they are already trending up. Because there are fewer restaurants open today than there were a year or two ago, you can take advantage of the demand by establishing your franchise now.


According to Fransmart CEO Dan Rowe, “While it is devastating to see restaurant closures across the nation, it opens opportunities for new brands to emerge. With an under-saturation of restaurants and a widely available labor force, there will likely be a boom in restaurant food sales. Also, people cooped up at home are ready to eat something they do not have to cook.”


Restaurant Franchise Benefits

Launching a new restaurant concept can be financially risky and incredibly stressful. After all, you must establish the décor and menus, higher staff, attract and please customers, establish supply lines, and more. When you buy a restaurant franchise, however, you are not recreating the wheel. Instead, you are following a proven and successful business model. Everything from the menu, décor, marketing materials, vendors, to training processes and beyond are provided to you. In many cases, the purchase of a franchise also comes with special onboarding services or benefits to help you get your restaurant up and running successfully.


Explore Franchise Opportunities Today

“Investing now isn’t for everyone, but there are always courageous entrepreneurs laying their money down. We have seen several downturns happen over the last few decades, and we always come back fighting into a booming economy. My advice – take the right risk and reap the reward,” states Dan Rowe.

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