Make Money While You Sleep

For anyone, making money while you sleep sounds like a dream. While it might seem unrealistic, it is possible to make money while you sleep not only from investments like stocks and mutual funds, but also through a business…if you pick the right business.

People get into franchising to get wealthy. And if they pick the right emerging brand and use the power of compounding to build a multi-unit franchise empire, they can get very rich. However, there are some concepts where a franchisee can also make money while they sleep. Here we explore two emerging brands that are exploding in the franchise arena, not only for their unique concepts, but for the ability of the franchisee to make money while they sleep.


PayMore is the fastest used and new electronics and gaming retail franchise in the country. Originally launched in New York, the brand is expanding rapidly and has stores in the south and on the east coast, with new locations coming to the Midwest, Southwest and Texas in 2022.

While PayMore is a traditional brick and mortar retail store, the brand offers franchisees multiple revenue streams that allow owners to make money while they sleep. All franchisees have access to PayMore’s global online ecommerce site, which allows franchisees to sell worldwide, at any time of day. Additionally, franchise owners can also list their merchandise for sale on other online platforms like Facebook Marketplace and eBay, creating more outlets to make money 24/7.

“I wake up with orders from people all over the country to local customers who want to pick up something that they couldn’t not make it in to our store to buy, but do not want to miss the opportunity to get a great deal from us,” said Nicholas Facchiano, a franchisee in Raleigh, North Carolina. “Many people have it in their mind to shop online for one reason or another — work schedules, convenience, price, quarantine, etc. Luckily for PayMore, people are always shopping for tech. This means our stores are always getting traffic to the megastore 24/7. The sales don’t stop coming in.”

Besides the ability to make money while you sleep, PayMore attracts franchisees with its very low startup costs, low overhead, high returns, and strong POS system and support from the franchisors. The concept is also conversion friendly and can operate on a hub and spoke model, making expansion for multi-unit operators even more affordable.

PayMore is on an aggressive, nationwide expansion cycle. The brand offers a low-cost, high-profit model that seamlessly blends retail, electronics and e-commerce to create a flexible work environment with zero staffing issues and a focus on sustainability. It’s the perfect model if a franchisee is looking to be financially self-sufficient and grow to be a unique, key player in the booming technology space.

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop

Started in the city that never sleeps, it’s no wonder that the fastest growing dumpling franchise concept in the country operates 24/7. Brooklyn Dumpling Shop utilizes a lot of technology that makes it possible to serve up its 32 unique dumplings at all hours, allowing franchisees to make money while they sleep.

The heart of Brooklyn Dumpling Shop’s technology is the reimagination of the automat. The automat dates back to 1902. Customers would insert the required number of coins in a machine and then lift a window to remove the food. The machines were replenished from the kitchen behind.

Today, the concept works a bit differently. Customers order and pay online and receive a text message with a code to open their automat door. The automat can store food at hot, cold or ambient temperature, ensuring the order is ready to eat when picked up.

The kitchen at Brooklyn Dumpling Shop operates on both human and robotic power. Franchisees need to only have two employees on an overnight shift to run 24/7 and make money while they sleep.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for your next opportunity, contact Fransmart today to learn how you can invest in a franchise concept that will make money while you sleep.

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