Today restaurant franchise owners aren’t just in the food business, they’re also in the tech business. The concepts that are profitable post pandemic offer both an exciting menu and cutting-edge technology that improve profitability and customer experience.

Technology can help improve a restaurant on many levels. Here the top technologies in the industry and the benefits they can bring to a franchise.

Point-of-Sale System

If you were able to invest in only one piece of technology, your POS is the most important. It’s the workhorse, multi-tasker of restaurant tech. A POS system can integrate online orders, help you easily update the menu, complete inventory tracking, manage staff, generate financial reports, process payments and collect a wealth of data to use for targeted marketing.

Self-Ordering Kiosks

Today’s guest wants things fast, easy and with fewer human touchpoints. Offering ordering by kiosk, or online or through your app is a win-win. Customers like the experience and it increases operational efficiency and lowers labor costs. It can even drive sales. When Rise Southern Biscuits & Righteous Chicken implemented contactless ordering, it saw sales of sides soar.

Inventory Management

Inventory management software helps manage stock levels, purchase orders and menu costs. The tool helps franchise owners reduce food waste and lower costs. IoT enabled equipment can also alert when items need to be ordered and can even identify spoiled food.

Tableside Tech

During COVID, the less interaction people had with others became the norm and the technology that facilitated this persists today. Technology solutions like SkyTab used by Taffer’s Tavern, lets customers order and pay tableside. Guests can easily split a bill and get email or paper receipts. The technology means franchisees can use less labor and turn tables quicker. Data is created allowing owners to create customer profiles that along with other POS tools data can be used to create intelligent, targeted promotions and marketing.

Automats and Food Lockers

Dining in at QSR restaurants is a thing of the past. In 2021, 80% of traffic was take-away and delivery. While it’s convenient for guests, it can be labor intensive for staff. To eliminate that issue several QSR brands found a solution in storage. At Brooklyn Dumpling Shop, an Automat system dispenses orders for customers while at Rise Southern Biscuits & Righteous Chicken, temperature controlled lockers keep orders ready for delivery driver or guest pick up.

Food Allergies

It’s estimated that 32 million Americans have a food allergy. For a restaurant operator ensuing that no customer is served a dish with ingredients they are allergic can be problematic. It’s time consuming for staff and if a guest is advised incorrectly, it’s a potential liability issue. Now software by CertiStar offers a program covering all the 170+ food allergens that integrates with a restaurants’ menu. Whether guests have one or multiple allergies, our searchable menus can process any combination. The technology is in use at Fazoli’s nationwide.

Kitchen Display Systems

These systems link front of the house with the kitchen. Items can be fired when entered into the ordering system, tickets are routed to the right cooks immediately, staff can see where each order is the process and tickets are never lost. Restaurants are able to increase operational efficiency, identify any staffing issues and turn tickets faster.

If you’re looking for the top emerging franchise concepts using the latest in restaurant technology, contact Fransmart today to start your franchising journey.

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