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By Andy Schirrmeister

Breaking News: The Pie Hole is strengthening its hold on the dessert industry.

The Pie Hole’s namesakes are now available for wholesale distribution, and it’s got a little something to do with a new menu item that the Pie Hole launched this past November. But first:

What does the word “pie” mean to you? A dessert that consists of a savory or sweet filling held in place by a crust of something special? Sure.

To mathematicians: 3.14159265359….

To Becky Grasley, one of the founders and owners of The Pie Hole: home.

She brought her grandmother’s fourth-generation recipes from her kitchen in Pennsylvania to nine locations across Southern California, including Pasadena.

The Pie Hole makes busy pies. Pies that have a lot going on. Pies that desire a voice, that have something to say other than, “I’m a dessert.”

The Pasadena lineup currently lists Mom’s Apple Crumble, Salted Honey Custard, Classic Banana Cream, Cereal Killer, Chocolate Brownie Pie, and others for sliced options. No pie is the same, no flavor is too bold.

Other menu items include pot pies, quiches, croissants, and cookies—all familiar cousins of the Pie.

In 2011, Becky and her son Matt Hefner opened the first Pie Hole in Downtown Los Angeles. In November 2018, the Pie Hole started selling real, live, breathing, Pie Holes. The circle is completed.

In the first quarter of their launch, the Pie Hole sold 100,000 Pie Holes.

What’s a Pie Hole, you ask? It’s like a donut-hole, but better. Imagine your favorite pie, and condense him into a little ball you could place neatly in your coat pocket.

Then, give him a hat.

The real-life Pie Holes were initially available in only 4 flavors: Apple, Blueberry, Mexican Chocolate, and Nutella. Since then, the Pie Hole has added a rotating family of other Pie Holes to its core lineup.

The February Pie Hole is called Berry in Love, and is filled with raspberries and topped with champagne icing and a gold-dusted raspberry.

The Pie Hole also does organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee. February’s Drink of the Month is a Rose Latte, made with the Pie Hole’s signature coffee blend and a dash of rose syrup, and topped with candied rose petals.

The Pie Hole Pasadena is located at 59 E Colorado Blvd. Visit or call (626) 765-6315.

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