Rise Southern Biscuits breakfast franchise sandwich, coffee and donut.

Rise Southern Biscuits and Righteous Chicken, a breakfast franchise brand serving up a biscuit called one of the best in America by Food & Wine Magazine, is a franchise operator’s dream.


After starting the brand in 2012 and building the business, the team at Rise came to a realization – the brand wasn’t designed to scale for franchisees. From 2017 to 2019, the brand rebuilt themselves as the breakfast franchise that any franchisee should be itching to invest in – by cutting their operating hours from 7 am to 2 pm, investing in cutting edge technology that eliminated labor cost, and engineering their menu to focus on the most popular and most profitable items.


They may have cut their hours, but profits went SOARING – nearly doubling in the following months. For franchisees, Rise presents the opportunity to run a business that offers the quality of life of a breakfast franchise with the revenues of an all-day restaurant.


There are lot of ingredients In Rise’s recipe for success. Take a look:


  • High-Tech, High Rewards – Ordering kiosks have cut down on front of house labor while simultaneously making things more efficient and quicker for the customer. Automats have eliminated the expensive expo position from the Rise kitchen.
  • Quality Of Life – Rise Southern Biscuits and Southern Chicken boasts unbelievable retention rates for their employees because of manageable hours and state-of-the-art kitchen systems. The stress and expense of hiring searches are minimal for Rise franchisees.
  • Off Premises Leaders – Rise’s menu of biscuits, donuts, and other breakfast classics done better than anyone else makes for the perfect catering option for businesses and events in your area. Combine this with the existing relationships Rise already has with leading delivery apps, and Rise has built a model that gives franchisees multiple revenue streams to build your business with.
  • Small Footprints, Big Profits – Thanks to intelligent restaurant design and the implementation of next-generation technology, Rise can thrive without the need of large floorplans or expensive real estate – which means low build out costs for each franchisee.
  • Franchise Support – The Rise team offers full franchise support for each incoming franchisee – including site selection, construction, training and operational support. Buying into the Rise brand means being supported on your path to franchise wealth.

Rise Southern Biscuits is the breakfast franchise opportunity that piles up awards, always generates positive press, and keeps customers coming back with the best dang biscuits in the country.


Ready to watch your wealth go on the Rise? Franchise today.



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