PayMore, the retail store where customers can buy, sell, trade or recycle their old electronic devices while remaining data safe, is enjoying a record year of growth in 2022 with locations coming to nearly all regions of the United States.

While franchisees have many reason to love PayMore, from its low startup costs to its strong unit economics, it’s the brand’s proprietary POS system, which makes operations simple and seamless, that many say is the secret sauce. The online software solution combines 10 years of development and hands-on practice to provide the backbone of the store’s management and buying operations.

Franchisees praise PayMore’s POS system’s ease of use and the high level of data it provides to make the entire buy-sell-trade process a safe, quick operation. Take a closer look into the genius system behind this franchise’s operation, and the technology making it easier than ever to operate a high-profit retail franchise.

  • Compliance:  Automatically adheres to all local and state laws and regulations. Integrated hardware for ID scanning and logging that also automatically interfaces with anti-crime databases.
  • Customers: Built-in, robust CRM system that creates a smart profile that manages return vs new customers and shows account history, texts, and email marketing.
  • Inventory: Assisted buying for price assurance, as well as a smart notepad to prevent bad/fraudulent purchases via proprietary crowd sourced engine. Inventory management that shows a full inventory list by make, model, serial number, color, and attributes.
  • Calculator: breakthrough proprietary, on-demand live device pricing algorithm with pre calculated margins.

PayMore History

Founded in 2011, PayMore is the fast-growing, local brick-and-mortar franchise in a unique industry that combines e-commerce with electronics sales and trade-ins. From smartphones and gaming systems to computers and tech gadgets, electronics sales are one of the hottest markets with high customer retention rates, growing margins and low overhead. Each PayMore location receives dedicated support for its upscale spin on retail resale, delivering clean stores filled with high-quality merchandise.

Beyond its unique, integrated proprietary inventory platform, the brand continues to disrupt the retail industry with its commitment to tech and innovation. PayMore was recently named to FranServe’s 2022 FRAN-TASTIC 500 brands. This award recognizes brands that go above and beyond the norm by helping people fulfill their dreams of business ownership through franchising.

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