PayMore, the fastest-growing electronics franchise in America, is attracting a diverse array of franchisees with its simple operation, incredible unit economics, and proprietary technology. By creating a new category in the electronics retail space, PayMore has seen rapid growth, tripling its store footprint in 2022 and setting records for franchise deals signed. The company is expecting even more growth in 2023 and is focusing on providing top-notch support to its franchisees.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the upgrades PayMore has made to support its rapid growth and provide the best possible experience for its franchisees.

  1. Strengthening the Technology Team: PayMore’s President, Erik Helgesen, known as the “man behind the technology,” will have a director of operations reporting to him to help further develop and support each franchise location in regards to technology, store build-out, franchisee communication, and more. This will ensure that each franchise location has access to the latest technology and can operate at peak efficiency.
  2. Exclusive Fixture Partnership: PayMore has developed a partnership with an exclusive fixture distributor and builder. This partnership allows direct communication between the supplier/builder and franchisees for efficient and seamless build-out. This will save time and money for the franchisees, allowing them to focus on growing their business.
  3. Increased Support for Franchisees: PayMore has recently made internal promotions for two key positions designed to provide support for the growing network of franchisees. These two individuals are brand experts, having worked within the PayMore structure for some time, and will be an excellent resource for franchisees before and after store openings.
  4. Expanding Corporate Presence: PayMore has a corporate office in Massapequa and have just added another space in North Carolina. This will allow more central locations for potential and current franchisees to meet and for corporate staff to use and further develop the brand. This will make it easier for franchisees to access corporate support and resources.

PayMore has cracked the code on their concept, economic structure, and now their franchising model. It is simple, efficient, profitable, easy to scale, and is poised to expand rapidly across the country. With the upgrades they have made, PayMore is well positioned to continue its rapid growth and provide the best possible experience for its franchisees.

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