PayMore, the fastest-growing electronics buy, sell, and trade franchise in America, has made an impressive mark in Q1 with the successful closure of nine major deals within a few short months. Building on their momentum from Q4, the retail franchise has swiftly opened eight new stores, expanding their presence to a total of 13 locations, with over 100 units in development.

Recognizing this phenomenal growth and the addition of experienced franchisees from renowned brands like Firehouse Subs, Domino’s, uBreakiFix, GNC, Tim Horton’s, and Cold Stone, PayMore recently hosted its inaugural annual franchisee summit in Raleigh, North Carolina. The summit brought together franchisees from various regions, some with multiple locations already established and others who had just joined the franchise.

The summit agenda featured cutting-edge technology advancements that President Erik Heglesen has been dedicated to over the past year. Stephen R. Preuss, the CEO of PayMore with extensive real estate expertise, provided comprehensive guidance on selecting ideal locations for franchisees and the available resources. Mike Whinnie, the CFO of Fransmart, delivered in-depth financial tools and insights for franchisees to forecast their future buildouts. Additionally, special guests from the Google team shared updates and best practices for effective marketing with Google. Lastly, the PayMore team recognized and awarded their top-performing franchisees for their outstanding achievements. The three-day franchisee summit encompassed numerous updates and educational sessions, but the key takeaways were the invaluable networking opportunities and the impressive quality of the PayMore and Fransmart teams, which inspired franchisees to leverage each other’s experiences and thrive in their markets alongside this profitable brand.

Here’s what some of the franchisees had to say about the summit:

“Attending the convention, I was uncertain about what to expect. However, I was warmly welcomed and received tremendous support from the moment I arrived until the very end. Not only did I gain valuable knowledge, but I also consider everyone I met as my extended family,” shared Ben Ng, Nassau and Queens franchisee.

“What’s fantastic about owner conventions is that they provide opportunities to learn from others and their experiences. We’re like a family, but each of us brings different structures and ideas to the business. This diversity can only be seen as a positive, offering learning opportunities and room for improvement,” expressed Scott Phillips, Tennessee Franchisee and uBreakiFix Franchisee.

“I enjoyed the franchisee summit because I met everyday people with the motivation to be successful and share their reasons for their success,” commented Randy Griesbach, Charlotte, NC franchisee.

“I’m not sure what was better, networking with everyone or witnessing Erik and Stephen’s relentless drive to make PayMore better every day. It’s truly inspiring,” remarked Chris Phillips, Pennsylvania Franchisee.

“PayMore’s rapid advancement in technology is simply mind-blowing. In the short time we’ve been with the company, we’ve witnessed significant advancements in processes and technology used for daily operations. This fast-paced innovation, coupled with a profound understanding of the importance of technology, is a unique experience with PayMore. In my past experiences, senior leadership did not grasp this concept and progress was painfully slow, if it happened at all,” highlighted Dan Lowe, Virginia Franchisee and previous Firehouse Subs and Domino’s Franchisee.

The PayMore franchise is comprised of driven and successful individuals, from the founders and corporate staff to the franchisees. By partnering with Fransmart, PayMore has continuously propelled forward, turning dreams into reality while assisting others in achieving wealth and success.

If you’re seeking to join a franchise that offers a low investment, unparalleled quality of life compared to other types of franchising, and astounding unit economics, look no further than PayMore. It’s the perfect fit for you!

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