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For over 35 years John Netto and his family have been successful entrepreneurs, philanthropists and active community members in Salt Lake City, Utah, when one day Curry Up Now’s innovative spin on traditional Indian cuisine and successful franchise business model caught their eye as the next big thing.

When they visited the corporate stores in San Francisco, CA, they were impressed by Curry Up Now operations which make it easy to deliver consistent high-quality food, but it was the unique menu items and flavors like nothing they have ever eaten before that motivated them to go beyond a 5-unit agreement and negotiate to be the franchisee of all Curry Up Now restaurants throughout Utah and Colorado.

John Netto explains, “Our family loves Indian food and Curry Up Now is unlike any other Indian concept out there; not just the menu, but even the presentation is differentiating. You might not know saag paneer or chicken tikka masala, but when Curry Up Now puts it in their unique burrito, people try it, realize how much they like it, and keep coming back for more!”

But cravable Indian food is only the beginning of why they recognized Curry Up Now as a sound business investment…

John continues, “We want to build a highly successful family business with Curry Up Now that not only allows us to enjoy the financial benefits, but also allows us to offer opportunities to staff and give back to our community.”

This aligns perfectly with the goals of Curry Up Now co-founder Akash Kapoor who shares, “I firmly believe in bringing happiness to the world through food. The Netto family are savvy business partners who share our vision.”

Akash spent years perfecting Curry Up Now food and flavors which are shared with a professional commissary to produce the sauces, chutneys, and other goods. Rather than requiring franchisees to purchase higher priced food directly from the franchisor, Curry Up Now offers franchisees the ability to purchase the food directly from the commissary at the same price as the founders, giving franchisees even more opportunity to be profitable.

How an Entrepreneur Family in Utah Secured a Two-State Franchise Deal with a Fast-Growing, Breakout Indian Fast Casual ConceptJohn adds, “We love how Curry Up Now uses organic and locally sourced food. This is rare to find in most restaurants, especially fast casual! In addition, the unit economics are better than most concepts. They serve high quality food, but their costs are lower than most other concepts. When we reviewed the FDD, we were blown away at how high the sales and profitability are.”

Dan Rowe, CEO of Fransmart, Curry Up Now’s exclusive franchise development partner, adds, “Curry Up Now is the fastest growing Indian fast casual franchise in the U.S., already opening coast to coast, and in this case, the Netto family bought 2 entire states because they believe it’s the right concept, at the right time, with unlimited growth.

There are over 1 billion Indians in the world and not a single national Indian restaurant brand. I looked for years for the right concept – authentic and cravable food, a concept with real soul and their own unique DNA, a broadly appealing concept for mainstream, and of course strong unit economics so franchisees can thrive. Curry Up Now has the best unit economics of any brand we have worked with and this is just the beginning for them!”

Dan Rowe has identified and grown brands like Five Guys Burgers & Fries, QDOBA Mexican Grill and The Halal Guys from 1-5 unit businesses to the powerhouse chains they are today.

Taking advantage of the way Curry Up Now leverages conversions where possible to keep opening costs down, the Netto family say they can easily afford the best real estate in Utah and Colorado, further positioning them as the dominant, and first, Indian fast casual in the 2 states.

The Netto family loves Curry Up Now’s traditional recipes presented in non-traditional ways and are very confident in their predicable success… They happily share that Curry Up Now is a very safe and approachable way to get people to fall in love with Indian food ~ just like they did.

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