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When it comes to wellness franchises, none have as impressive a tech stack as GLO30, the doctor-founded skincare studio with an incredible following of monthly members and franchise interest from coast to coast. Founded by Dr. Arleen Lamba, a former anesthesiologist, GLO30’s proven business model is backed by innovative technology that allows franchisees the ability to generate recurring revenue each month with a simple to operate business model.


There are a lot of other advantages to owning a GLO30 over other wellness brands – including a subscription-based membership model that allows franchisees to precisely forecast labor and income, a focus on employee retention that keeps skilled labor happy and fulfilled in their work, and an expert training model that gets franchisees prepared for business fast.


But the secret sauce behind GLO30’s 10 + years of success and rapid growth is its next-generation technology. GLOria is GLO30’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence-powered skin analyzer, which allows franchisees and staff to analyze the texture, tone, and tightness of skin. This is key for franchisees because:


    • GLOria allows franchisees to build custom treatment plans for each customer that are backed by real analysis and science – a feature that no other wellness franchises can offer customers.
    • The technology is plug and play on day 1, meaning that after some light training, franchisees can have this next-generation system up and running quickly and generating massive value for customers.
    • A customized plan that accounts for factors like the changing seasons and age gives customers a long-term skin treatment plan and creates value and investment. Customers will want to stay with GLO30 as they progress along their plan, because GLO30 can give them answers now and answers later.

Entrepreneurs and seasoned franchisees looking to grow their wealth have a clear path to their vision with GLO30 ownership, the most tech-driven, innovative and in-demand wellness franchise on the market. Ready to build a glowing franchise future with GLO30?

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