One of the most fun things to do, in Irvine, is Duff’s CakeMix. Duff Goldman, a Food Network star, opened this do-it-yourself cake decorating shop last year (in varying capacity due to the pandemic). It is now fully open with indoor cake decorating. is conveniently located, in the Irvine Spectrum Center, between Target and Nordstrom.

Reservations are required, but that may change in the future. On average, it takes an hour from start to finish. Tables are cleaned and supplies are swapped out for each seating.

What Can Be Decorated

There are a half dozen different products that you can choose from. The products range from two cupcakes to a two-tier cake. The most popular is the 6-inch 3-layer cake which gives the best balance of size, price, and time needed to decorate.

There are over 24 different cake designs you can choose from. If you’d like, you can bring in a picture of what you want to do or completely freestyle it and do whatever you want.

Cakes Decorating Process

After picking the design you want to create, you choose what flavor cake you want: chocolate or funfetti. An employee will guide you through gathering the decorations: the fondant, goodies/toppings, and if you want or need buttercream.

They take you to your table where all of the necessary tools are waiting for you. At first, it might seem intimidating, but you get a short introduction and suggestions. You’ll also have step-by-step instructions for the design you chose.

Decorating the cake is a ton of fun. If you don’t think you’re skilled enough, you can get as much or as little help as you want. You will still decorate your own, but they’ll show you the best way to do a certain step in decorating.

There’s Something for Everyone

The most important thing is to have fun, and possibly laugh at yourself. It doesn’t matter how good or bad at decorating you might be, you won’t be ridiculed. You’ll leave with a delicious cake and it doesn’t matter what it looks like when you’re eating it.

Duff’s CakeMix is perfect for date nights, parties, or just for a fun outing. Everyone of all ages will enjoy decorating a cake. If you wish, it’s even possible to decorate with the people you’re with!

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