There are many reasons why any business can thrive well in Scottsdale. The city of Scottsdale is one of the biggest employment areas in Arizona. It is market-oriented, and it has an enterprise-friendly environment that makes it ideal for distinguished companies. It is, in fact, home both to many fast-growing businesses and established ones. More than this, it is also a venue that’s perfect for start-ups.

There are many fast-growing cities in Arizona, but here are the top justifications why companies choose to start and settle in Scottsdale:

The city of Economic Development

Scottsdale has long been regarded as one of Arizona’s progressive cities. It has earned it rightfully over the years, and specifically when the pandemic hit in 2020. The City of Scottsdale rose above the challenges of the times by making continued service to its communities its focal point. It demonstrated and even assured utmost resiliency by pivoting on vital services to its constituents.

One of the best cities for a startup in the U.S.

Scottsdale has been considered worthy of investing in due to its high startup density, robust company growth, and low cost of living in the area. This easily meets most of DataFox’s metrics.

The City of Scottsdale promotes partnerships amongst its community members and is distinguished for alliances with universities like Arizona State University.

It is ranked along with Cambridge, Santa Monica, Fayetteville, Boulder, Wilmington. Pittsburgh, Atlanta, and of course, New York and Silicon Valley.

It is well-known for venture capital investment.

Scottsdale is considered Arizona’s leading district, with top Investors capitalizing on startup companies’ sustainable growth potential. This city boasts of companies that are thriving despite the pandemic.

Scottsdale has consistently good labor and market statistics.

It has a workforce of about 154,073 people in 2021, coming from 140,000 in 2017. The city was also able to maintain steady growth in its labor force for years now, even compared with the U.S overall statistics. Its current job growth rate (due to pandemic) is -2% vs. U.S -6%. However, it still had a job market increase of 3.3% coming from last year. It also has a future job growth rate of 51.2% vs. the U.S at 33.5%.

Scottsdale is considered one of the best cities in the country.

Due to its great environment, various data show Scottsdale is deemed one of the best-run cities, best to live or retire in, and one of the best cities to open up a startup.

Besides opening a startup, many businesses also consider moving to Scottsdale, as it is a beautiful place for a family to be. It has a low crime rate and is generally considered to have a safe environment. It has an abundance of nature for whatever activity you want to explore, such as beaches, wildlife, mountains.

There are various housing options whether you are into urban or country living. The low humidity in Scottsdale also makes the temperature exceedingly comfortable.

It also has good schools, a great deal of shopping, dining and party selections. More than this, the career opportunities are quite extensive in Scottsdale. This makes not only starting a business but settling down with family in Scottsdale seem to be a perfect decision.

It holds a significant percentage of Arizona’s corporate headquarters.

Scottsdale has become a popular choice for corporate relocations and setups. This is because it has a good pool of talents and great office spaces with premier facilities near executive accommodations. More than this, the market value is also increasing over time.

This city holds approximately 20% of Arizona corporate head offices, provides more than 150,000 employees, and keeps about 18,000 businesses.

Some progressive companies holding office spaces in Scottsdale are Sherman & Howard, STMicroelectronics, HonorHealth, RIMROCK, and Tata Consultancy Services.

Tech jobs abound in the city.

With times shifting towards technological and digital platforms, one significant advantage for Scottsdale is the rise of technology jobs which also coincides with the increase in average salary wages by at least 5%. A paradigm shift like this has proven to be beneficial, not just in the city’s market and business, but the economy, as a whole.

Scottsdale has a solid talent acquisition strategy.

Unlike other cities in Arizona, the city has dynamic talent pool initiatives. One of the strengths of Scottsdale is its network of connections within the community and its partnerships with universities. Through this, they could produce a reliable talent attraction approach that worked well for them and made perfect over time.

This includes, but is not limited to, transition materials for relocating companies, programs, seminars, and job fairs that open doors to unlimited career opportunities, and regional events that promote partnership between the city and recruitment firms. An online resource portal for all relevant information has also been made available for this.


There is no place better to start a business than Scottsdale. It has a booming community of diverse talents, all waiting for the best opportunities in their lifetime. Not that they are just settling for the mediocre, since as it is, this city is already “home” to a significant number of flourishing companies in various fields, including technology.

It displays impressively strong governance that addresses the community’s needs, economy, and, more importantly, the people. Most importantly, it has an environment perfect for any family to grow and prosper.

Scottsdale fosters good collaboration and partnerships with different entities, and universities speak much about the solid flourishing grounds. Yet, it is evident that despite the excellent level of success it has amassed, it still has the potential to be more significant. And this is the same concept that can be applied towards starting up a business in Scottsdale, that having second thoughts about this is not an option.

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