1. The World-Famous Poet and Writer, Maya Angelou

“You can only be truly productive at doing the things you are passionate about. Don’t make financial success your focus. Instead, go for the things you enjoy, and then exceptionally  do them until people recognize and admire you.”

If you can’t love what you do now, do what you love on the side until that can support your everyday means.

2. American Businessman, Chris Gardner

“You want something, go get it. That’s it. Clear? “

No more procrastination, folks. Now is the best time to work on your goals.

3. 34th US President, Dwight David Eisenhower

“Motivation is the art of having folks do what you want them to do because they enjoy doing it anyway. “

Leaders master the art of motivation, you can learn this from the US President, Dwight Eisenhower.

4. American Writer, Mark Twain

“A decade or two from now,  you will be more regretful of the things that you missed experiencing than by the failures you have gone through. So forget what is keeping you from doing them. Explore what is outside your comfort zone. Face the storms that will come your way. Wander. Think of Beautiful Things. Learn More.”

If you have the means to do it now, don’t wait for it to happen next year. If you don’t have the means yet, set a goal and sacrifice temptations and vices until you are already able to do what you want to do.

5. Ford Motor Company Founder, American industrialist, and Business Magnate, Henry Ford

“Not doing things successfully  is indeed the chance for new beginnings, this second try you do it better than ever.”

6. American Politician, Former United States Secretary of State, Colin Powell

“There is no magic in success. You just need to work hard, and not get discouraged from the failures that will come your way.”

Long-term success does not happen overnight just like what influencers always say. Creating something of value, whether it is a book or a business, will take time. What’s important is you are doing something about it now and not procrastinating.

7. American Author, Stephen King

“Talent alone is nothing without the support of smart and hard work. The successful ones put in a lot of work that is why they thrive in the long run compared to the talented.”

Your high IQ will mean nothing if you just stay in your room 24/7 and sleep all day long. Successful individuals usually go through sleepless nights because they have found something to be passionate about. Find a passion, set a goal, and work on it.

Hopefully, these quotes can help you with your daily grind. Always do your best and keep going.

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