Wealth can be defined as the state of being rich. Wealth is something that many people desire and, when achieved, can make life easier in many ways.

But what does it take to become wealthy? It takes a lot of work and effort to accumulate wealth, and there are several stages that you must go through before getting enough wealth to be considered wealthy.

Although it is not always easy to get rich, there are some stages you will likely go through on your way to wealth if you keep working hard enough. In this post, we will explore these seven stages and how they lead up to becoming wealthy.

Financial Struggle

It is a common misconception that wealthy people do not have financial struggles. Wealthy people experience the same emotions as everyone else when it comes to their finances; they just do not let them get in the way of what they want.

You may not be a millionaire in the financial struggle, but you are doing reasonably well for yourself. You have a good job, and your bills are paid on time every month. This sounds like the perfect life, so why would anyone want to change it? There is always something better out there. But wait- what if we told you that this is just the beginning?

At this stage, a reliable source of income might not be evident in some cases, and sometimes a person might rely on family or government for livelihood. The person does not have any borrowing power. Thus the need to change life at this stage is intense and unstoppable.

Financial Survival

During this stage, a person survives only on the available paycheck and exhausts all of it. A person at the financial survival stage of wealth has no meaningful savings or assets but continues to spend everything they earn each month just about meeting their short-term obligations.

A person at this stage is constantly worried about their financial future, and it can even lead to depression if they feel that there’s no way out of the cycle. Many people are constantly thinking of a chance to break free from such a lifestyle. Financial survival occurs when you can pay your bills and meet your basic needs.

If you are at this stage, it means that your expenses are more significant than the amount of money you have coming in through income or other sources. To get out of financial survival, they need to change their habits and start saving some cash each month before spending more on personal items.

Financial Stability

Financial stability is the stage of wealth where you can afford to be more relaxed. You know that you have enough money saved up to take care of your family and yourself for an extended period, so it’s okay if your investments don’t perform well or there is a job loss in the family.

A person at this stage can manage to take a mortgage and save some income for children’s education. The source of income might be a professional job or a traditional business that can comfortably sustain a family.

However, there is still a desire to live a more comfortable life with more luxuries. Over time, the savings gained can be invested in a part of the family business or a new venture. The future looks promising because the family has a chance to expand its sources of income.

Financial Confidence

Financial confidence comes from knowing you’ve put in the work necessary for success, so it’s important not to lose sight of how far you have come. At this stage, income is high, and a person can comfortably manage consumer debts and start retirement plans.

Achieving financial freedom means more than accumulating wealth- it’s about gaining confidence in your life and becoming financially secure. The journey to success requires patience and time; you need to be dedicated if you want to get there.

It is essential to have a long-term plan and stay focused on your goals.

Financial Security

The most crucial stage of life, according to many people, is the one in which you have achieved financial security when you can live comfortably without having to worry about money.

During the financial security stage of life, income is high, and there are no debts. You can spend your time on things that make you happy instead of working long hours at a job you dislike to pay for bills each month.

Financial Independence

Financial independence is a stage of wealth, implying that the person has enough savings and other assets to live on for more than two years without any income.

Financial independence is one of the most critical stages in life. It’s what you work towards your whole adult life, and it means that you never have to worry about money again. At this stage, people have high-income levels and can invest in real estate and high-profile businesses.

Although there may be considerable debts, they can be paid off comfortably because they generate enough income. The cash flow is excellent, people are happy, life is good.

Financial Abundance

The financial abundance stage of life is achieved when a person has multiple sources of income that have a considerable cash flow. A person in this stage can live above five years of living expenses with a low income.

People in this stage can focus on passions because there is no primary concern for paychecks. It is also easier to participate in philanthropic activities because you have plenty to share with others.

Bottom Line

Becoming wealthy is a process that starts with the first stage. If you are in the early stages of your journey to wealth, it can be challenging. But do not give up. The early stages of wealth are not easy, but they come with essential lessons for life and business.

Every stage of wealth can be an opportunity to learn something new about yourself or your business. The lessons learned at this stage are essential for life and help prepare you for the following steps to financial prosperity.

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