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    The $7 Billion global skincare services industry is a rapidly growing market with no signs of slowing down. GLO3O has filled an in-demand void in the highly competitive spa services market with its clear, concise menu of skincare services from routine facials to fillers – all within a compelling monthly membership offering.


    High Recurring Revenue

    Proven subscription-based model generates monthly recurring revenue from highly-engaged members.

    One-of-a-Kind Treatment Offering

    The only monthly skincare studio offering routine facials for maintenance AND more advanced signature offerings – all in one studio.

    Innovative Front & Back-End Technology

    Proprietary technology streamlines onboarding, training (2 weeks), sales & customer experience.

    Doctor-founded Proven Business Model

    Doctor founders own and operate three profitable corporate locations in the DC Metro Area with two more in development.

    A Revolutionary + Evolutionary New Skincare Category

    Glo30 is a skincare company that supports healthy and glowing skin – with personalized routine treatments, medical-grade products and high-tech, high-touch guidance. Glo30 has defined a new category in the skincare services space, bridging the gap between luxurious day spas known for endless, expensive treatment menus and more invasive clinical procedures. The membership-based skin studio is an affordable, accessible and approachable middle ground that delivers customized care in an hour or less – every 30 days. At the cornerstone of the Glo30 experience is a high tech, high touch approach that brings together trained specialists and propriety technology to provide individuals with treatments tailored to their unique skin needs and goals at each visit.


    Estimated Initial investment*


    $291,500 – $649,000


    GLO ITEM 19 (2)

    *As shown in Item 7 of Franchise Disclosure Document for Multi-unit **As shown in Item 19 of Franchise Disclosure Document

    Get Started With GLO30


      GLO3O has defined a new category in the service-based skincare space, bridging the gap between day spas and more invasive medical clinics or med spas. The membership-based facial studio is an affordable, accessible and approachable middle ground that provides routine, customized, non-invasive skin care treatments – every 30 days. GLO3O's signature facials provide monthly maintenance with more advanced offerings to deliver specific results including the signature NanoGLO, MicroInfusion Facial, Neuromodulators and Laser Facials.


      GlO3O founder, Dr. Arleen Lamba has spent the past decade building the GLO30 brand to address the growing demand for routine skincare treatments and filling an unanswered void in the skincare service space. GLO3O has transformed the skincare game- giving rise to a new category of customized routine treatments that is affordable, approachable and accessible.

      Dr. Lamba, who owns and operates three highly-profitable, streamlined GLO3O skincare studios in the DC Metro area with a fourth site in development at Amazon Headquarters in Alexandria, VA, has seen firsthand the growing demand from both consumers and investors to bring GLO3O’s highly-coveted skincare studios to markets across the country.

      Dr. Lamba is now laser focused on bringing GLO3O to the masses via franchising. Her ideal franchisee has prior franchise experience and has a passion for bringing multiple skincare studios to their local market.

      “For the past decade, we’ve seen a growing demand from both consumers and investors to bring our highly-coveted skincare studios to markets across the country. Franchising will accelerate our national growth by partnering with owners who share our passion for GLO and want to move into the rapidly expanding new category we created.”
      -Dr. Arleen Lamba
      Founder, GLO3O


      Expert Training in Less Than Two Weeks

      GLO30's medical experts fully train all employees on all menu offerings in two weeks. This means you can focus on running your dream business and engaging with your community.

      Proprietary Tech & Data

      Proprietary AI technology, GLOria, delivers personalized skincare and product recommendations to members. A robust consumer app keeps members engaged and loyal. Back-end technology for franchisees automates everything for turnkey operations from onboarding and training to management and reporting.

      Truly Customized Facials with Efficient Model

      GLO30's monthly FreshGLO Facial is fully customized to the customer's skin based on tone, texture, tightness, as well as external factors of weather, temperature, and pollution. All this while while utilizing proprietary AI technology.

      Member Model Drives Loyalty & Frequency

      GLO3O is a monthly ritual that keeps members returning month after month. Over 65% of the original membership cohort are still members over a decade later.

      More Than Just Facials

      GLO30 has additional Boost You GLO treatments including Wrinkle Relaxers, Laser Facial, and their proprietary NanoGLO Microinfusion Facial.

      Retail Offering

      Multi revenue streams as the AI technology will recommend retail products based on monthly face scans so that maintenance continues at home.




      Minimum 3 Units; full fees for units 1-3; 50% deposit for each additional unit


      6% of Gross Sales


      2% of Gross Sales


      1% of Gross Sales


      $291,500 - $649,000


      Operational experience in business is a plus, but not required assuming a professional Director of Operations will be part of your team. Prospective Franchisees must meet the minimum requirements below to be considered for a GLO30 franchise.
    • $500k net worth*
    • $500k liquid capital available for investment*
    • Ready to begin development within the next 3-6 months
    • Ready to grow a multi-unit territory in a major U.S. area
      *Investment partners may contribute to this requirement


      Accordion Content

      Some states require that a medical director be part of the management team, or for an MSO to be involved if the owner is not a medical director. GLO30 has thought everything through, and can help set up what is needed based on the laws of the state, including finding a physician partner if needed. As a franchisee, you don’t need to have prior experience as we will help guide you through the process.

      GLO3O facial services are performed by a variety of practitioners depending on the service. All injectables are done by nurses. Glo 30 trains all of its nurses on the correct procedures. Depending on state laws, lasers can be performed by estheticians or nurses, and GLO3O trains both on the specific laser technology used in the skin studio. GLO3O provides a comprehensive two-week training program for all providers.

      The footprint of a GLO3O can be anywhere from 500-2000 sq. ft.

      One of the key advantages to owning a GLO3O is low capital equipment investment. Unlike MedSpas, clinics or day spas with extensive treatments menus marketing branded technology and devices that require frequent costly repairs, replacement and upgrades, GLO3O is providing a method of treatment that leverages proprietary technology and equipment that is brand agnostic.  For franchisees, this means minimal start up equipment costs and less overhead costs for replacements and repairs.

      GLO3O’s proprietary back-end technology makes training and onboarding simple for franchisees to complete in as little as two weeks.  GLO3O has automated everything for turnkey operations from onboarding and training to management and reporting. New franchisees receive two weeks of training, with ongoing training provided through GLO3O’s technology platform. Each month new modules, videos and demos are added allowing franchisees and providers to train at their convenience. Franchisees can see who on the team completed training and how they performed on the post-training quiz.

      MedSpa is a very general term to describe a number of different treatments performed under the supervision of a licensed physician. GLO3O does not identify as a MedSpa and is in a category all its own. GLO3O is a skin care studio rooted in regular self-care that helps people achieve glowing skin through a lifestyle of lifetime habits. Our curated menu is focused on consistent monthly care for glowing results.  GLO3O does offer medical aesthetics including laser treatments and injections using GLO3O’s proprietary GloMap process.

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