The pandemic made many people reevaluate their lives and ushered in The Great Resignation. In 2021 47.8 million workers quit their jobs. Today, many are wondering, “Now What?”

For some, franchising is an attractive answer for their next act. The reason so many people left their job was a lack of appreciation, control and pay. Franchising gives a franchisee the opportunity to control their own destiny, but with a support system in place. If you’re one of the many who left your job, Fransmart can help you transition to becoming your own boss with the right franchise for you. Franchising offers people who gave their employers the pink slip many benefits over a new job, or starting a business from scratch.

Proven Business Model

One of the most attractive options with franchising is that it allows you to be your own boss, within an existing business. Franchisees are supported by the franchisor and basically given a handbook to success. If you follow the systems laid out by the franchise, you’re set up to succeed. A franchise is not for someone who has to do it their way. One of the reasons to purchase a franchise is for all the tools, systems and support provided. The people who get wealthy through franchising know that all they need to do is pull the same lever that’s been pulled before and they should attain similar results.

Brand Awareness

Franchisees are able to leverage the brand awareness the franchise enjoys to generate buzz and customers in their local community, rather than having to build it from scratch with a start-up business.

Career Changes

Many people who left their job during the Great Resignation did so to pursue their passion. However, getting a job in an entirely different field is challenging, and will often come with a severe pay cut. Franchising lets someone who was a physician become a restaurant owner or a lawyer open an electronics retail shop.

A franchise opportunity allows someone to leverage their transferable skills like management, finance, communications or sales into a business they love.

Work/Life Balance

Another driving force in the Great Resignation is a desire for people to have better work/life balance. Franchises like Rise Southern Biscuits & Righteous Chicken, which is open 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. give people the time to both own a business and see their kids soccer games.

Wealth Generation

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average American worker makes $53,490 annually. Franchising gives someone the opportunity to generate far greater wealth. By picking the right emerging franchise brand and using the power of compounding returns to continue to invest in additional locations, a franchisee can easily get rich through franchising.

If you are part of the Great Resignation contact Fransmart today to learn if franchising can be your next act.

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