As a broker, there are many Senior Care options to choose from. One of the most important aspects of running this type of business is what training and support is offered to get started.    

Getting into the in-home senior care industry may seem a little daunting getting started, especially when you do not have/need industry experience! So what’s the catch and why is it so easy to break in?  As you present Golden Heart Senior Care to your clients, remember these differentiators that will allow them to succeed quickly and confidently. 

Golden Heart has comprehensive training that begins in their own home.  This education, called FAST-Start Training Modules, focuses on the ins and outs of establishing their business operation (training takes place online and over the phone).  Not only does it cover licensing, purchasing insurance, establishing bank accounts, but also includes setting up a business entity, and hiring caregivers.  Lastly during this pre-training, they will learn how to create their business website, price the services, set up their office and much more.[1]

Golden Heart Senior Care doesn’t stop there.  Your client then has access to SMARTcare, a software that was developed by the Golden Heart experts, which aides their day-to-day operations and long-term growth.  SMARTcare has five main pillars of assistance and it begins with Personalized care coordination. The software establishes a unique care plan for their clients with up to 10,000 service options and manages the care schedules and appointments.  It assists in employee management by processing payroll, tracking employee performance history and GPS technology which clocks the caregiver in and out based on when they arrive/depart a client’s home.  SMARTcare helps with communication across the system with a caregiver portal for reports/records and gives 24/7 client/family access to the daily care plan, payments and questions.  The development tools in SMARTcare allow for management and strategic planning, report generation and referral source management.[2] 

Finally, there is 3-day on-site training where your client will learn business development, caregiver management, and client engagement.  Golden Heart Senior care sets your client up for success and after this training they will have the confidence and wherewithal to run a successful franchise.[3]    

The information provided in this blog post is from the Golden Heart Senior Care Franchising website. For more information please visit




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