·        When becoming your own boss seems like an impossible task, owning a franchise could be the quickest and safest solution for you.

·        A franchise agreement with an emerging brand that has a great business plan can often be more affordable and boasts a quicker path to ROI than agreements with household name brands.

·        Partnering with Fransmart, the international leader in franchise development, has put hundreds of franchisees on a faster path to success by taking the guesswork and hassle out of the franchising process.

·        This blog is for potential and experienced franchisees looking for the right investment.

Jars St. Louis franchisees with Fabio Viviani in the Jars store in Chicago.

Throughout your normal day, you probably interact with franchises that have become household names a few times an hour. Whether you’re driving past a McDonald’s or Burger King on your way home from work or seeing a product placement for Subway or Taco Bell in your favorite TV show – franchise brands have the potential to become not just successful businesses, but cultural touchstones.

You may think that those giant brands are the ones you should be partnering with – but there’s a catch. Those brands are highly expensive to franchise and their markets are highly saturated – which means the path to a return on investment is tough to navigate.

There are a ton of advantages to franchising in general – buying into a proven business model, marketing support, and training resources as you work towards your first grand opening. Franchising an emerging brand is how intelligent franchisees can not only build a business but build a legacy for generations to come. Here’s how:

GLO30 franchisees with founder Dr. Arlene Lamba

1. Affordability

Those household name brands have huge franchise fees and yearly royalty percentages because you’re paying for their brand. It comes at a premium. At Fransmart, we partner with emerging restaurant, retail, and wellness brands that have the potential to become the next household names. The good news for you is that franchise fees are affordable and franchise fees are structured to encourage growth from their franchisees. Why open one of those household name brand locations when you could partner with a brand that’s incentivized to help you grow to 5, 10, even 25 locations in your territory? 

Curry Up Now Storefront.

2. Territory Growth

The major players in franchising – with thousands of locations nationally and internationally – are constantly competing against other franchisees within their own city, sometimes even in the same neighborhood. Franchise brands with huge market shares are hard to grow because markets are so saturated. Look at Curry Up Now, a Fransmart brand that’s the fastest growing Indian fast casual restaurant in the country. They have a coast-to-coast presence, but still have major territories available in high-value markets like New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Boston. That means you can take advantage of the surge in popularity of Indian food and Halal cuisine worldwide and dominate a market with huge potential. 

Rise Southern Biscuits Franchisees in front of store

3. Brand Support

You may not only be competing with other franchisees for customers when you’re partnered with a huge franchise brand. Resources from your corporate partner could be limited as a member of a massive network, making it difficult to get the support and resources you need to grow your business. Rise Southern Chicken & Righteous Biscuits, a Fransmart brand, puts an emphasis on culture and franchisee support. An award-winning brand that’s received recognition from Food & Wine Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and QSR, Rise Southern Biscuits & Righteous Chicken offers hands-on support during the real estate selection and grand opening processes. They’re driven to support the growth of their franchisees as they rise from 15 nationwide locations to hundreds coast to coast. 

Cilantro Taco Grill Family Outside At Grand Opening

Emerging brands are the only franchise opportunities that offer you the chance to grow a massive territory. Building wealth should be your goal in franchising. By partnering with Fransmart and working with our team of franchise experts, you can build a business that has the potential to be acquired or passed down to another generation. Start the conversation with us today and start growing your own franchise territory. 

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