Taffer's Tavern Bar Crowded For A Game

For potential franchisees, the smartest franchise to own is one with systems that make operations efficient and easy. Taffer’s Tavern, the concept from hospitality king and Bar Rescue star Jon Taffer, has used next-generation technology to refine both back of house and front of house operations so franchisees can make hospitality magic with ease.

After years of rescuing bars and restaurants around the country and using his decades of experience to improve operations, Jon Taffer conceptualized Taffer’s Tavern as a gift back to restauranteurs and franchisees. The goal was to build a concept that was so simple and efficient to run, you’d never have to worry about seeking a rescue of your own. And Jon nailed it.

Unique technology is at the heart of the Taffer’s Tavern business plan – and it’s making the lives of franchisees so much easier during peek hours and heavy rushes. Here’s what franchisees can look forward to when they join the Taffer’s Tavern team:

  • Thanks to a partnership with Cuisine Solutions, the Taffer’s Tavern kitchen uses no vents, hoods, or grease traps. The entire menu is prepared with next-generation countertop equipment, which allows for perfect preparation and ultra-fast ticket times – even during the busiest dayparts.
  • The Taffer’s Tavern team is always looking to improve their front of house systems, and on the horizon at all locations is a new POS system that allows for easy reporting and the development of a loyalty program.
  • As media begins to expand across new technologies and new platforms, a partnership with an experienced media maestro like Jon Taffer should be the goal for franchisees. Jon Taffer’s team is constantly generating content and attention – which means marketing efforts for your brand will always be strong.

The smartest franchise to own is one that puts its franchisees first. Taffer’s Tavern wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Jon Taffer’s deep love for hospitality and the people that provide it. As you look to build your future wealth, partnering with a brand with refined technology and advanced operations is the only smart choice to make. Apply today to join the Taffer team.

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