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Own the fastest growing electronics franchise in the country

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Why PayMore?

Low Start-up, High Return

Low capital to start, low royalties, easy to scale for multi-unit franchisees, open in under three months

Multiple Revenue Streams

From buying and selling in-store, to selling globally on PayMore’s online mega store, franchisees have many avenues to drive revenue.
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New Franchise Category

There is zero to little competition and the electronics market is immense

Tech Driven

Remarkable, proprietary POS system makes operations nearly effortless

Sustainable Business

Our electronics recycling helps keep the planet green

“PayMore is the best concept to expand into a large franchise business that I’ve ever seen. There’s nothing like their unit economics.”—Dan Rowe, CEO, Fransmart

Franchisee Shout Outs

“I could open two or 2 ½ PayMore’s for the cost to open one restaurant and there are just a lot less headaches too.”
Chris Phillips
Philadelphia franchisee
“I wouldn’t have gotten involved with PayMore if I didn’t see a future for it. Invest. It’s a great opportunity!”
Nick Facciano
Cary, North Carolina franchisee
“I’ve always been somebody who wanted to do my own thing. I knew PayMore would be a good electronics franchise to get involved in because technology is not going away.”
North Carolina franchisee.

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If owning a recession-proof, headache-proof business is what you’re after. You’ve found it with PayMore. Low-cost start-ups, incredible unit economics, and strong operational systems make PayMore the best franchise concept in years to grow a franchise empire. With prime territories selling fast, act now to make more with PayMore.

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