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Powerhouse Partner

Fabio Viviani brings 30+ years of restaurant experience, with over 50 concepts under his belt. His marketing reach is unparalleled, with over 500 million media impressions annually.

High Margins

The hoodless/ventless concept means only a limited kitchen build-out. Co-packing and easy assembly drastically reduce ticket times and cut labor costs.
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Easy Concept Execution

Minimal cooking and limited number of actions needed to serve make this concept easy to replicate and execute. JARS does not require franchisees to hire a pastry chef.

Brand Consistency

90% of the desserts and bases are prepared offsite and shipped frozen or refrigerated. This technique produces results impossible to achieve through any other organizational method.

Conversion Friendly

Open with a low-cost conversion that can be half the price of a new build

Take a Peek Inside JARS

Celebrity Chef Fabio Viviani has combined his favorite desserts, the most creative presentation imaginable, his experience in executing restaurant concepts and his ability to create Instagrammable and viral food content…. Welcome to JARS.
JARS is an exciting experience, featuring decadent treats from all over the world –  tiramisu, cannoli, ricotta fritters, plus pies and crusts, muffins and croissants, American staple desserts and so much more – served in eye-catching, reusable jars.
Along with fan favorites, JARS also offers a rotating seasonal menu, built to satisfy any craving. It is the perfect addition to all hotel lobbies, airport kiosks, or any grab-and-go spaces. We also support those with liquor licenses, by incorporating select liqueurs, boozy shakes and spiked beverages to complement our delicious desserts.
From an execution standpoint, nothing could be easier than JARS. Due to the minimal amount of cooking needed, it does not require an elevated chef, nor a full kitchen buildout. Anyone can be easily trained to produce our exceptional desserts – no experience required. Our food COGS are unmatched, as most of our productions come ready to portion and serve and everything is perfectly portioned, which means zero waste.
With an affordable price point for the guest, and a high profit margin for the owner, nothing beats this concept. You could say that it is like catching lightning in… well… a JAR!

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