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Best Sub Shop in America

With low- cost conversions, Ike’s is inexpensive to open and has higher sales per store than Subway, Jimmy Johns, Firehouse or Jersey Mikes. Our strong Item 19 tells the story. Click here to check out our FDD.

Celebrities Love Ike’s

Carbs be damned, celebs like Halsey, Marshawn Lynch, Steph Curry, Andre Ward, G-Eazy and more head to Ike’s for their cheat day. Marshawn is even a co-owner of an Ike’s.

Our Food Sinks Other Subs

From the Dutch Crunch bread to Ike’s Dirty Sauce, the focus on specially made and sourced ingredients sets the quality and taste of Ike’s above its competitors.

Going, Going Gone

Ike’s is the fastest growing sandwich concept in America opening more than 100 stores in two years. Act fast to secure your territory and ride the Ike’s growth wave.

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Ready to Join the Ike’s Love & Sandwich family? Great! We’re excited to welcome more franchisees onto our sub ride to success. The ideal Ike’s franchisee is an individual or group of individuals who want to open multiple Ike’s location and have $500K of liquid capital available. Act now and we’ll get you all the information you need to take a big bite out of the lucrative sandwich market.

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