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Torta is the
New Taco

A gourmet Mexican sandwich franchise
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Cook’s Tortas is the next big thing in Mexican fast-casual, using the freshest ingredients on authentic, baked fresh daily tortas bread.

Cook's Tortas Sandwich

2008 / Fast Casual – fresh gourmet Mexican sandwiches

Cook's Tortas Exterior

Dine-in, Delivery, Carry-out, Catering

Cooks Tortas Sandwiches

1,500 – 2,000 sq. ft.

Elyan Zamora

Elyan Zamora
Founder, CEO
Cook’s Tortas

Our Story

Cook’s Tortas opened in 2008 by family members Elyan Zamora, her mother Elvira, and her famous father, Latin music icon and actor, Antonio Zamora. The Zamora family’s dream was to bring the popular, yet very special food item from Mexico to the diverse community of Los Angeles, fresh tortas, a unique Mexican food option in the U.S. that can’t be found on every corner like tacos or burritos. The concept skyrocketed to success almost instantly and Elyan’s husband, Latin Grammy award winner, Edgar Cortazar came on board to help facilitate the dream of Cook’s Tortas expanding worldwide.

Cook’s Tortas is renowned for its mouthwatering tortas, stuffed full of fresh and flavorful ingredients, and served on fresh-baked daily tortas bread, that is made from their authentic Mexican tortas recipe. Fans of all ages and ethnicities line up daily for one of over 60 different tortas options offered at Cook’s Tortas.

Cook’s Tortas, the gourmet Mexican sandwich fast-casual franchise is a fresh and healthy alternative to the over-saturated taco market.

Franchise Advantage

Identified tortas as the next BIG thing for fast-casual Mexican and is positioned to lead this fast-growing market segment.

Mexican tortas bread is made from scratch daily from a proprietary recipe, & fresh menu & drink ingredients are sourced from local suppliers.

Plus strong brand support from the local multi-ethnic community, local organizations, departments & large companies.

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