Fransmart brands offer potential franchisees high ROI, stress-free management and the opportunity to build generational wealth

Best Franchises in 2023 to Build A Future With

The best franchise opportunities in 2023 for potential investors aren’t just brands that can turn a profit – they’re brands that set you (and your next generation) up for a wealthy and stress-free future. 


Fransmart CEO Dan Rowe excels at identifying the emerging brands that will shape the future of quick service restaurants and retail. As a longtime veteran of the franchise industry and the initial franchisee of brands like Five Guys Burgers & Fries, QDOBA and The Halal Guys, Rowe is the country’s foremost expert on brands that are built to grow big and grow fast. Emerging brands are the best franchises to target, as they offer a number of advantages over bloated, more expensive brands, including:


  • Emerging brands are hungry to grow, which means being more open to affordable conversions and franchise fees
  • Offer more available territories, leading to more opportunity to expand in your territory and blitzscale your growth
  • Have a large runway for growth, which means potential for a big exit down the road
  • Newer concepts have the potential to create a new category – which means you could be partnering with the top name in a hot market

The Fransmart portfolio of brands includes some of the restaurant and retail industries’ category leading brands with potential for large exits in the future. Don’t waste your initial franchise fee on buying into a brand that has no runway for growth left. Invest in a brand that’s growing and will help your bank account grow along with it. Here are some of the best franchises you can partner with in 2023 to build towards a new and better future:


1. PayMore

PayMore is the buy-sell-trade electronics franchise that’s making making it easy for business owners to get wealthy, fast. It’s one of the best franchises to own for many reasons:


  • Proprietary POS system makes pricing trade-in items a breeze and gives franchisees the ability to quickly connect and share data with other stores.
  • Cost-effective buildouts and no kitchen equipment to maintain means a quicker path to ROI for investors. 
  • Labor requirements are very low – most franchise locations operate with 3 or less employees per shift. 
  • 30 states still have available territories – but won’t for long. Don’t wait.


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Inside Of PayMore Store

2. JARS by Fabio Viviani

Fabio Viviani of JARS showing off a beautiful dessert jar.

Successful franchises of 2023 list should include a QSR from the booming dessert industry – and there’s absolutely no one doing it like JARS. Here’s how celebrity chef Fabio Viviani is empowering franchisees to make big revenue:


·        No hoods, no vents, no grease traps, no fryers – a dream to run and inexpensive to maintain

·        Massive catering orders gives franchise owners multiple revenue streams to boost revenue

·        Their industry leading tech stack allows for easy ordering for customers and easy marketing and customer retention for franchisees



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GLO30 – a facial spa studio designed by a powerhouse doctor – is the tech-enabled wellness brand that’s blowing up right now. For franchisees, this is the best franchise in wellness for 2023 – and here’s why:


·        GLO30’s facial scanning system is plug and play for franchisees – making training quick and easy and giving you a leg up on the competition

·        Their unique subscription model keeps revenue churning while the store is closed, ensuring revenue stays high and ROI is fast

·        The high-value retail section at the front of each store provides multiple revenue streams for owners, which is why GLO30’s revenue per square foot numbers are CRAZY GOOD.



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GLO30 Storefront

4. Rise Southern Biscuits & Righteous Chicken

Rise Southern Biscuits with line in front of store.

Breakfast franchises are all the rage right now and for good reason – a well-run brand can generate all-day revenue in just one shift. Rise Southern Biscuits has perfected their craft, making it the far and away best franchise to own in the breakfast category:


  • Ordering kiosks and automats have cut down on expensive labor and streamlined the customer experience, leading to big revenue and big profits
  • Their reasonable hours and competitive wages have employees happy and franchisees thrilled, as talent retention in franchise stores is never a problem 
  • Rise’s online ordering system and partnerships with all the top delivery brands ensure that customers can enjoy Rise anytime and anywhere they want – which means franchisees are generating HUGE off-premises revenue


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5. Curry Up Now

Every franchisee should want to invest in a category leader, and Curry Up Now is the largest and fastest growing Indian fast casual in the country. With Indian food surging in popularity in the United States and Halal, Keto and vegan diets more popular than ever, there’s never been a better time to be in business with Curry Up Now:


  • Curry Up Now has a world-class tech stack, complete with a high-level POS, a wildly-popular mobile app, a rewards program that drives return business, and relationships with all major delivery services.
  • Restaurant systems at Curry Up Now are so efficient and easy-to-operate that no head chef of any kind is required. The supply chain and back-of-house requirements should be no sweat for franchisees.
  • Hands-on training and ongoing brand support, especially during the opening process, are a major focus of the Curry Up Now franchise structure. You will get the support you need from team CUN. 


Curry Up Now is proof that great ideas come from unique experiences. Click here to learn more. 

Curry Up Now Storefront.

6. Taffer's Tavern

Lobby and host stand inside of Taffer's Tavern.

No other brand on the list of the best franchises in 2023 can boast that they’re offering FSR revenue with QSR ease of operations. Taffer’s Tavern, founded by restaurant-heavyweight and Bar Rescue star Jon Taffer, is a can’t-miss for franchisees:


  • Their hoodless, ventless kitchen allows for quick and consistent preparation, practically eliminates food waste, and reduces labor needed in the back of house – and franchisees are on the fast track to profitability because of it
  • Taffer’s Tavern’s high-margin cocktail menu features favorites from classic Bar Rescue episodes, making the brand a destination for Taffer’s huge, nationwide network of fans
  • Jon Taffer earns over a billion media impressions across all platforms each year – ensuring your brand will always have a marketing machine behind it.


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