Pamela Fazio is one of the most successful women in franchising. Known as an operational genius, Fazio was Brand President for Kahala Brands, CEO and President of Beard Papa’s and now serves as the CEO of Duff’s CakeMix. Fransmart recently had the chance to sit down with Pam to learn more about her and her exciting new brand.

Q: You’ve had great success in the world of franchising, tell me how you got started?

Pamela: I got started with franchising when I joined Kahala Brands as a Brand President. The company was growing, and I had the opportunity to be involved in doing pre-due diligence for possible acquisitions. It was through this that I really learned the nuts and bolts of franchising and fell in love with it and the success you can help drive for your franchise partners. What I’m most passionate about is being the best franchisor for our franchisees

Q: After leaving Beard Papa’s you had your pick of new opportunities, what made you choose Duff’s CakeMix?

Pamela: As an operations person, I loved the simplicity of the brand, and the drive and creativity Duff Goldman brings to the table. I was drawn in by the high-energy and fun in the store-everyone is having a good time and is excited to be there. Our entire team takes time working in the store and one of my favorite things to watch is when a child or an adult’s face lights up because they just created a cake, they didn’t think they would be able to create. We have more than 100 different design inspirations and step-by-step instructions so anyone really can be an Ace of Cakes.

Q: As someone who has been in the world for franchising for years and been a franchisee, what makes Duff’s CakeMix the franchise for someone to invest in right now?

Pamela: If I were a franchisee, I’d be attracted to Duff’s CakeMix for a variety of reasons. First, although we’re an emerging franchise brand, we aren’t a new brand. We have proven the concept and refined our systems in our company store. Our management team brings a wealth of diverse experience to the table, and we have strong vendor relationships for everything a franchisee needs to open and outfit a store from architectural help to a nationwide and copacker to ensure our supply chain is strong. I also believe Duff’s CakeMix offers franchisees:

  • Simplicity of operations
  • Low labor matrix
  • Low build-out costs
  • High ROI
  • A positive, high-energy, fun environment

Q: What are your goals with Duff’s CakeMix

Pamela: My intention is to grow Duff’s CakeMix to 250 U.S. locations and 85 Canadian locations in the next four years, and then to focus on other international markets.

 Learn how you can become a franchisee with Duff’s CakeMix:

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