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Elevation Burger a "Mega Chain in the Making"

Posted by kristin on Apr 25, 2011 is publishing a great five-part series on the "better burger" trend sweeping the nation. Like Fransmart, agrees that Americans possess an endless appetite for the hamburger. Finally though, burger customers are demanding better quality ingredients complete with improved flavor profiles.

In Part 2 of their 5 Part Series, profiles Fransmart brand Elevation Burger, along with Smashburger and Mooyah Burger.


From "Elevation Burger (Arlington, VA-based), Mooyah Burger (thoroughly Texan), and Smashburger (sprawling out from Denver) have displayed the kind of innovation, aggressive expansion, and national footprint that make the most promising mega-chain contenders. These three new chains may not be in every town yet, but given the way they've weathered the economic storm and are still growing rapidly, they just might get close soon."


We concur. Fransmart paved the way for the better burger industry with Five Guys Burgers & Fries. Identified by Fransmart CEO Dan Rowe as a local restaurant with a handful of units, Fransmart grew Five Guys into the better burger powerhouse chain it is today. More than a decade has passed since Fransmart saw the early signs of the Better Burger movement. We predicted that consumers would be willing to pay more for a better tasting, hand pattied, fresh ground beef burger, and even be willing to wait a little longer for it to be cooked to order.


Fransmart also predicted that the better burger segment would further specialize with new differentiators, like Kobe beef, premium toppings and celeb chef creations.


With Elevation Burger, Fransmart took a bet on the organic niche, and it has paid off. We do believe Elevation Burger is primed to be the next Mega Chain, as has written. Elevation Burger features 100% USDA certified, grass-fed organic beef. They also fry their fresh fries in olive oil. Consumer demand for healthier foods will continue to grow. I'm the parent of an 18 month old daughter, and I choose organic options as often as I can. My little girl will not be raised on Happy Meals, but I would gladly serve her an organic Elevation Burger packed with Omega-3s.


Thanks to for a high quality read on the better burger segment!

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