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Posted by Jimmy on Jan 27, 2015
USA Today reviewed Elevation Burger in its "Great American Bites" series.      
Posted by Casey on Jan 19, 2015
Franchisee to develop 40 units in Canada
Posted by Casey on Jan 19, 2015
The Huffington Post calls Elevation Burger 'the Best Organic Burger EVER'.
Posted by Casey on Jan 15, 2015
Franchisee to develop 50 restaurants in the SoCal Market
Posted by kristin on Jan 15, 2015
Franchise deals have been signed for outposts in Southern California, Houston, Washington, D.C., and the Philippines. There are other halal carts in the city now, with other white sauces. But none have such a sense of manifest destiny.
Posted by Casey on Dec 22, 2014
The delicious acai bowl brand expands through a franchise deal to include West Hollywood and Santa Monica
The Halal Guys Platter_JPG-4407eb0402f9fdd6efa2e3b4c73d13f6.jpg
Posted by Casey on Dec 17, 2014
Franchisee to develop restaurants in the Houston, TX Market 
Slapfish Chowder Fries-a9ebf362c5a7b5d784a7c1f0db8eadd7.jpg
Posted by Casey on Dec 11, 2014
Slapfish brings its fast casual seafood model to the attention of mainstream media
Halal Guys Line-0d4e317a443d428087244bf8d094910f.jpg
Posted by Casey on Dec 10, 2014
Franchisee to develop the entire Washington, D.C. market
PYT mac and cheese doughnut-d5a0dd69183b9ba5d269daac2d9c127e.jpg
Posted by Casey on Dec 10, 2014
PYT's newest menu item - The Mac & Cheese Stuffed Doughnut - was featured in Entrepreneur